Aug 24, 2009

I have class

In case you didn't know, I'm a classy guy. Especially this semester. I'm taking 4 classes, so I'm officially a full-time student for the first time in years. I won't say how many years, because it's depressing. (7) Now I'm depressed.

The classes shouldn't be too bad, at least they should be tolerable. And I emphasize should. We'll see. I have 2 art classes and 2 science classes: Drawing, Graphic Computer Applications, Physical Science and Geology.

All 4 I have to take, 2 of them I want to take, which is a higher ratio than most semesters. In case you don't know me or you're one of those weirdos who LIKE Science classes (Justin, you freak), I'll tell you, it's the art classes.

Drawing I've taken before, and sort of done independent study for about 27 years, so I don't anticipate it to be too hard or challenging, just time consuming, but there are worse ways to spend your time than drawing.

Geology I'm sort of looking forward to, if for nothing else than the fact that I'll be done with it come the end of the semester.

Same goes for Physical Science, if RateMyProfessor is any indication, then I'll do a lot, learn nothing, and get an easy A.

Computer Graphic or Graphic Computer Application is a class I've looked forward to for a long time. Here I'll learn Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, preparing me for a future in Graphic Design, and where I find out if I like it/am any good at it. Very exciting and nerve-wracking. But what would college be with out a little wrack to your nerves once in awhile?

After surviving (hopefully) this semester, I'll move to working part time (30-35 hours a week, which I call part time) and I'll start taking 5 classes, and (hopefully) still see my family enough so that my son will know who I am.

Aug 20, 2009

The Alchemist redux

After reading on Charlotte's blog that she was considering reading the Alchemist, I decided that I wanted to read it again. So I did. The end.

Wait, I wanted to talk more about it. When I first read it, the book was one of the most inspiring and life changing books I've ever read of the non-LDS genre (scriptures included). It is a beautiful yet simple fable on following your dreams. I've noticed that it's affected my writing even still, with its simple prose and profound truths. (More the simple prose, and less profound truths, but still).

However, on second reading it wasn't nearly as good as it was the first time I read it, and I'm still not sure why. Either the big surprises and climaxes in the book aren't as revelatory (revelating? revelationarytingning?) when you know what's coming, or it could be that I'm just not the same person I was 8 years ago, when I was preparing to go on a mission and had my world before me.

But when I finished, I was still glad I read it, though a bit depressed that it didn't mean as much to me the second time as it did the first. This is because, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, "A book that isn't good enough to read twice shouldn't have been read once." Which always annoyed me because how was I supposed to know unless I read the darn thing!

I was planning on suggesting reading "The Alchemist" for my book club book, if we ever start up again, but now I don't think so. Still, a wonderful, gem of a book and has my full recommendation, just don't expect too much if you read it twice. :)

Aug 13, 2009

Where the Heck have YOU been???

And by "you" I of course mean "I." I've helped deliver my son (about as much as a dad who's not a doctor can) I finished summer semester, I've been told I'll be promoted soon more than soon ago and am still not promoted, I've moved into a new condo and collapsed several times with exhaustion. So where do I begin?

Morgan has been a part of our family for nearly 2 months now, and though I can still imagine what life was like without him ("the good old days" or "the days of sleep" or "when we didn't know how good we had it" as it's referred to in our home) I am loving being a dad and marvel at what a good mom Tracie is. And of course what a cutie our little M.D. is. He now smiles at me when I come home, showing me that either a) he recognizes his daddy or b) no matter how many times he sees it, my face really is just that funny. There are lots of new pics on his blog and lots more on our camera, so bug Tracie to put more on since she's the only one who knows how to work our camera.

I finished my "Fitness For Life" class with what I would assume is an "A" since I improved at least someone in every aspect of fitness and got A's on all my tests. I didn't lose as much weight as I would have liked, but to be fair, near the end of the semester I started counting EVERY physical activity as exercise.
"Walking from the car to the house, that's cardio. Rolling down the window as I pull up to the fast food restaurant, that's strength training." I enjoyed it and am glad it's over and I never have to wear shorts that are too short and shirts that are too tight unless I choose to. One thing about it I'll miss is our teacher would have us do cardio after class for an hour everyday, and while the class seemed content to run on treadmills, I would jog/powerwalk around the beautiful (at least in the summer) UVU campus. Guess I could do that anyway... we'll see.

Work is work, I enjoy it, drudgery that it is, but I'm most likely leaving in January anyway since I'll need to start taking morning classes.

We have our new home!!!!! I wanted to do a whole blog post about it, but let's get serious and realize that ain't gonna happen. It's in Pleasant Grove, it's about 70% unpacked, and we'd like to thank everyone who helped us, Brad, Shelly, Jake, Charity, James, Tyler, Cheryl, Tyson, Preston, Trent, Jessica, Tyler and Mike. A special thanks to Cheryl for helping us pack up so much and unpack and clean, and a super duper trooper million thank yous to our super hero mom/ in-law/ grandma Kris. If it wasn't for you, we'd still be in our old apartment packing and cleaning. You made it possibleto move and we thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Well, now that I'm back, I suppose I better start reading your blogs to see what I've missed!

Aug 6, 2009

New Pics on the Morgan Blog!

Check it out, and if enough people leave comments, maybe I'll start blogging again!