Apr 30, 2008

Yadda Yadda Dadda Doo

Anyone notice the connection between “Yabba-Dabba-Doo” and “Scooby-Doobie-Doo”? Besides the fact that Scooby probably did drugs, and the Doobie thing is a little too obvious. In case you can’t tell, I have a burning desire to blog, but not much to blog about. You can tell from opening sentences like that that this is going to be an awesome and focused post.

Tracie’s birthday is today! Huzzah! We have some cool stuff planned, but I’ll let her blog about it. Unless she takes too long. Then I’m totally gonna steal her thunder. Bwahahaha! What a great birthday present! Thunder stealing. I would post about how much I love her and how great she is, but I did that 9 or 10 posts ago, remember? But, to paraphrase: I love her so much and she is the greatest.

Still watching American Idol, (Austin! You are? I had no idea!!! Oh, stop it) here’s a quick sum up of the top 5: (nowhere near as comprehensive as Tracie’s definitive entry)

Jason Castro: If they voted on performances last night, Jason would be gone. But I think he has enough female fans to keep him in there, regardless of whether or not he deserves to be there and whether or not Paula Abdul hears this second song he sang before he sang it. (What the heck was THAT?!)
Brooke White: The most genuine person I think that has ever been on American Idol. But she doesn’t deserve to be there anymore. Sorry. She’s been mediocre to bad, her best lately has been just average.
Syesha Mercado: Probably going to be in the bottom 2 tonight with Brooke. (Mind you, I’m usually/nearly always wrong) She did fantastic last night, and I think she’s the most improved Idol this year, but she just doesn’t have as many fans as Jason, or a husband like Brooke’s that watches his wife on American Idol every night from the audience and votes for her nonstop. (I’m not criticizing. If it was Tracie, I’d do the exact same thing.)
David Cook: I don’t get it. I don’t know why everyone loves him so much. Something about him just annoys me and rubs me the wrong way. He’s a decent/good singer and a talented performer, I just don’t like him. Sorry.
David Archuleta: Unlike other people, I don’t think that little David can do no wrong. I just think he hasn’t done any wrong yet. (Besides forgetting a lyric or two) But David deserves to win more than anyone else, in my opinion. Every time he sings you’re hypnotized, the room goes quiet just so we can listen to that voice. David Archuleta for the win!

As Tracie pointed out in her last blog entry, I got the first season of Arrested Development for my birthday, mostly from a recommendation from Ammon. I wish I’d listened to him sooner, because I LOVE that show!!! I’m tempted (and probably will eventually succumb) to buy the other two seasons right away. Such a funny, genuine, ridiculous, hilarious, endearing, guilty pleasure, relatable, absurd, amazing show. Love it love it love it. Love it.

A quick recap on my birthday presents, from Alan & Kris’ gift card I bought Arrested Development Season 1, the Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Tommy Boy and Black Sheep two pack, and a new shirt. From my parents gift I paid bills (sorry mom & dad, but it was very helpful) I also bought a book on writing (Creating Stronger Characters), a book on the Brother’s Hildebrandt paintings of Lord of the Rings, a philosophy book on jokes and why they’re funny, and a few other things. I’ve enjoyed Tracie’s presents as well. We watched “the Game of Death” & a documentary on the special features of Enter the Dragon, I’ve worn the shirt she gave me several times and enjoyed every second wearing it, watched most of “the Incredibles,” searched for Waldo (mostly found him), and overall enjoyed my gifts. My grandparents gifts we’ve invested, so they’ll keep on giving, and with interest. ;)
I say this not to brag of my swag, but so the gift givers know what they gave me, and so I’ll remember, and so I have something to write.

I had a weird dream last night where I was married to some woman I hardly knew, I wanted to go back and be with Tracie, and I was wanted by the police for something I didn’t do (throw glow sticks at a college dormitory.) Well that didn’t take up much space. What good was that dream? Sheesh. There was also a Toblerone bar figured in the dream. It was important, but I have no idea why. But it was one of those dreams where I woke up and was so relieved and excited that I wasn’t married to a stranger, but my wonderful Tracie (birthday girl) and I wasn’t accused of glow stick projectile weaponry with intent to I don’t know, light up a dorm. Maybe I was wrapped too tightly in my blankets, because when I was on the run from the cops, I had to sneak through all these tight passages and whatnot, and when I got to my new American Civilization class starting this Saturday it was in this overflowing classroom at my old elementary school.

What else? I want to talk about Tracie’s birthday presents, but she hasn’t opened any yet (besides two seasons of Friends, we now have all seasons 1-9, probably gonna get 10 soon, I’m sure) so I better keep the word at mum. Suffice to say, I’m excited for her presents, even though they’re not that many as Christmas or as meaningful as what she got me (or such good surprises) I love her and can’t wait to give them all to her. Especially the new bowling ball with “Homer” written on it.

I’m starting my new semester this week, 2D Design on Thursday night at S.F.H.S. (Spanish Fork High School. I don’t know why I abbreviated if I’m just going to S.I.O. Spell it out. Dang! Did it again!) and American Civ at UVSC (almost UVU! Any day now….) on Saturday mornings. So I’ll probably have more to say on those once I actually start. Let us hope.

And I guess that’s about all I have to say about this and that. Glad to get that out of my system and get a bit of a blog fix. Until next time, and let us all hope I have more to talk about! (Or less, if you can’t stand it. Though I’m not sure why you’d read my blog if you couldn’t stand it. Unless you’re some kind of masochist. But then I’d think you’d want me to write more that you can’t stand even more. Sickos.)

Ok, I’m serious now. Thanks for reading, my blog thanks me for writing, and happy birthday Tracie!!!



Apr 22, 2008

Me, May, & My World

Hello friends, family, felons, falcons, and farfegnugen. I'd like to thank you sincerely for the birthday wishes, whether by phone, email, facebook, blog, or just by thinkin' of me, and I'll tell you about how my big special day went, tell you why I'm excited for May, and what else has been going on in the crazy world of Austin. (Just like your world, but crazier).

Tracie and I woke up, made breakfast (she made deeeelicious lemon poppyseed pancakes, I made myself a kick butt omelet and made her 2 eggs over hard) and then I opened my presents. I got:
-The Original Where's Waldo book, updated (they moved Waldo and added
some friends. After seeing his friends, I see why the poor schnook is
always hiding ;))
-A Nosehair trimmer. Not my favorite present, but one I need (not TOO
badly, but it will be nice to have.)
-The Incredibles (my favorite Pixar movie)
-The Indiana Jones Trilogy (in anticipation for the NEW one coming out!!!)
-Enter the Dragon Special Edition (so excited to watch this)
-A new polo shirt, for all the Polo I play. (I'm sorry, sir. You can't play Polo. But I have my horse and my club! Yes, but not a Polo shirt. ...Never again!) Tracie's one of the few people that can buy me clothes without me trying them on and they look awesome on me.
-The complete works of Oscar Wilde. (I've needed this awhile. I have a book of his plays, one of his novel, one of his short fiction, and one with a combination thereof. Now maybe I can throw some of them out. ...Or not)
-Stuff for a husband from a loving wife. (:D) Like a cute card game similar to uno, except when you play a wild card you have to kiss your partner in the way it says. Very fun.
-an iTunes gift card that I've already spent.

And there you have it! Not as insane as Christmas, but still enough to make me feel spoiled and therefore happy. ;)

We then went to church, came back from church, and went to Tyler and Cheryl's house and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert. (Tracie made rockin' mac & cheese, as Chandler would say, we also had beef, chicken, guacamole and hummus, asparagus, beans, and other yummy treats courtesy of various McNeils (mostly Tyler and Cheryl)). For dessert, we had a
strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and strawberries on top, it was very pink. (I wanted a strawberry cake, ok? Is it my fault that the cake looked like the birthday cake for a 6 year old girl?) It may have been pinker than the bunny costume worn by Ralphie in "A Christmas Story",
but it was deeeelicious! We also had my favorite ice cream, spumoni to complement it. Alan, Kris and Taylor joined us from their return trip to Las Vegas, and we played Tyler & Cheryl's Wii, as is becoming custom.

All in all in all, a wonderful birthday, thank you again to everyone who made it so great, especially Tracie. I miss my family, but was overjoyed with all the phone calls and birthday wishes I received.

Why May is going to kick butt.

Yes, my and Tracie's birthdays (and more than half of our families) are in April. But I am excited for May. Why? CONSUMERISM!!! Because there are movies and albums and books coming out that I'm excited for!!! And you thought it was something deep or special! HA!

Gavin Degraw- Tracie and I saw him in concert before we got married, and LOVED it. Now that it's been 4 years since his last album, it better be good. Because I'm buying it.

Jason Mraz- Another one of my favorite contemporary artists, (and one of the few musicians out there deserving the title "artist," imho) is also coming out with a new album. I'm buying it.

Barenaked Ladies- Probably my favorite band still making music is releasing their "for kids" album. Since I'm a big kid at heart, and a BNL fan, I'm excited for new BNL music, whoever it's made for.

Percy Jackson- The Battle for the Labyrinth is coming! The teen greek demigod is back for his Fourth book! Thanks to Uncle Jim's family for
introducing me to Percy, Grover, Annabelle, and friends (and enemies) I
haven't been this excited for a kid's book to come out since Harry
Potter 6!

Iron Man- If you don't know why I'm so excited to see this, just watch the trailer.

Narnia- Prince Caspian is making his way to a theater near you! Though the cute Pevensie kids from the first movie are getting older and therefore more British, I don't watch Narnia movies for the looks of the kids. Not my favorite Narnia book, but the one before it. As long it's at least half as good as the first movie, I'll love it.

Indiana Jones- I could (and should. And probably will) do an entire post on this movie; I have to watch it first. Suffice it to say I've waited over 10 years for it, and I love it without having to watch it. And ABOUT TIME!!!

Those are just 6 reasons why May is going to kick butt. I'll tell you more about it when I get there, during and after. :)

What is going on in the Crazy World of Austin
(Try Crazy Austin World Lite: now with half the fat, but twice the crazy!)

Another semester over. Just a million more to go. I'm pretty sure I got
A's in both, as every assignment I got an A. I'd have to have done
pretty horrible on the finals to merit anything less than A. I like
saying A. I think I've said it before, but might as well again. I'm
taking 2D Design in Spanish Fork on Tues & Thurs evenings, and American
Civilization on Saturday mornies. I'll miss my teachers and classes, and
subjects. And, sleeping in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I still love American Idol, and am excited to go watch it again tonight,
though I now want them all to stay. Let's have a 6 way tie. Please?
I know that will never happen. Paula Abdul will make sense, Simon Cowell
will be nice, Randy Jackson will be significant and Ryan Seacrest will
be interesting before that happens.

I'm excited for Tracie's birthday on the way (8 more days!!!) and
nervous as well. Having a birthday so soon before my wife, she has my
birthday fresh in her memory, so I have to go the extra mile to make
sure she has one that compares with the funfest she gave me. I'm not
good at throwing parties. I can throw presents at you, but I have
trouble giving her fun. But I'm going to try to throw her a surprise
party (shoot, I ruined it) so I'm going to try to throw her a party.
I'll let you know how it goes, and if anyone is speaking to me

I wanna be a writer. For lots of reasons, but mostly because I enjoy it
and (eventually) I'll be able to sleep in. Hence the big reason behind
why I tried writing a novel in November and tried writing a screenplay
in April.
While both were fun and worthy goals, I bit off more than I could chew
both times. Therefore, I'm devoting myself to short stories for now, I
can hammer one out a couple of days, revise them a couple more, and have
Tracie refine and polish them. The plan is start sending them out to
magazines and journals and publishers and whatnot and start getting
recognition, as well as just improve my craft.

I feel like I'm forgetting somethings, but the good thing about the
bloggage is if I forget I can just post again!

Apr 18, 2008

Update of Warp & Weave

So, after going to the unveiling/opening/whatever of Warp & Weave I learned 3 things that I will now pass on to you. 1) It's harder than I remember reading your writing in front of other people, they're double judging you. 2) I'm the only writer out of 12 with more than one story in the magazine (there are 13 stories). And 3) You can go to it online here, or you can wait until fall, when they'll print it with the next edition of Warp & Weave. Oh, and my stories are about 1/5 the size of all the other stories. But they're like 5/1 times better. Ask Tracie. Or me.

Mitt Romney's Top Ten

I laughed, I cried, I peed my pants. Ok, no pants peeing, but just watch it.

Apr 16, 2008

What a Day this has been!

I've had a good day. In fact, I've had a great day.
But first, the bad news. It was my last day of class in my English Writing class. I really like the teacher (and am taking his Ethics class in the fall) but I also liked my classmates, they were all very smart and fun, and they thought I was very smart and fun, which is always good. Also, my poor Tracie is feeling sick today so she stayed home, and her car needed new oil, a tune-up and maintenance, so we got that out of the way as well.
Work is work, which is fine. But today has been great for several reasons. First, I finished 2 short stories today!!!!
One, Journey of a Dream is from an idea I had about a year or two ago, and I finally just wrote it. The other, Origins of a Crazy Cat Lady is from a picture I found on flickr that I really liked. The Cat Story was 6 pages handwritten and about 3 1/2 typed. The Dream Story is about 12 pages handwritten, and I haven't transcribed it yet. I'll post them both on Glass of Random after Tracie edits them, don't worry.
Also, I'm so excited that Kristy Lee Cook got voted off American Idol!!!
I could never stand her, and am finally relieved she's gone gone gone! The only downside is now I'm not rooting for ANYONE to leave! Oh well. Great show, even with Ryan Seacrest.
Still looking forward to my birthday, still this Sunday, and I'm still more than a little nervous about the whole reading my writing thing for the school magazine opening. I'll let you know how that goes. The semester is almost over, and I'm actually excited for finals! I loved this semester, but I'm looking forward to next semester too!

Sorry about the shortness, I'll try to write another post soon about everything that's been happening, like visiting with the Jim & Jan clan in SF, like this crazy weather (Spring is finally here! No wait, it's snowing again. Ah, it's beautiful and warm out. Nope, I see snow.), like what books I'm reading, like how my meditation is going, like why I decided to not write a screenplay but just concentrate on short stories for now, and like why I'm excited for Tracie's and my's birthdays and why May is going to kick butt.

So, that's all for now.

You're still here? It's over. Go home. ...go

Apr 12, 2008

Warp & Weave! ...yay?

Dear Austin,

I want to thank you for submitting your work for publication in the Warp and Weave magazine. I am pleased to inform you that we will be publishing "It's a Jungle in Here" and "The Good Luck Charm" in our next issue, which will be online so as to reach a wider audience. We would like you to read your work at the Warp and Weave launch on April 17 in SC 213a. The launch will be held from 7 to 9 and there will be refreshments provided. Please bring a friend or two.
Congratulations for your fine accomplishment.

Warp & Weave Faculty Advisor

As I said back here, I submitted 2 short stories I wrote to the school's speculative fiction magazine. As the faculty advisor said up there, they both were accepted.

Last night when I found out I was ecstatic, though now that the dust has settled etc. I'm a bit lackluster, as it'll be posted online, which means no hard copies, which means they can include all they want without worrying about printing costs, which means they probably weren't as exclusive in choosing entries. But, that's the negative jerk voice in my head (I don't know who the heck invited him in there in the first place) so I'm staying positive. And at least they didn't say "Though we are publishing online and therefore taking any submissions with 1/2 a brain, yours just doesn't have half a brain." So, I'm still excited, just not quite as much as I would have been. :)


I'm cooler and (dare I say it?) more (here it comes) AUSTINTATIOUS than I thought! (Ooh, I dared)

Apr 11, 2008

100th Post! A Tracie Post! A Princess Post!

This is my 100th post milestone!!! Ah, 100. My Blogithon Centurion Milestonianeth. Back in September when I just started, I had no idea what would happen. I was so young and innocent back then.

But enough about me. (Thank goodness, you say. And then I shoot you. It's ok. They're blanks. It's ok, that's fake blood. It's ok, you're just taking a nap.)

Sheesh. Anyhoo, what is Austin going to write about on this, his 100th post, you (who are still alive) ask? That's a good question. I'm going to talk about what matters most to me in the wild and crazy world: my Tracie.

Awwwww. Sweet. and predictable, you say. I brandish my gun and remind you I still have five "blanks" with your pretend names on it. You silence.

It's going to be hard to be sweet after all the murder and death threats, isn't it? I suppose I'm a bit like Chandler, when I start feeling sentimental I get funny/violent. But Tracie loves me anyway. (Good transition)

Though it may be superficial, any list of Tracie has to begin with her beauty. This is not because Tracie has no other virtues, far from it. (How dare you suggest that! *BANG!*) Ahem. But Tracie really is the most beautiful person I have ever met, seen, or imagined. I could go into her beautiful features one by one (and I will, but not so you can read it) but I will simply say that Tracie is the most attractive beautiful lovely pretty cute good-looking hot gorgeous person ever, both the inside and out. Everyone who meets her or even sees a picture of her tells me, "Wow, you have a beautiful wife!" and frequently they go on to tell me they're not just being polite, but she really IS beautiful. And I smile and nod, though get a little annoyed when they stand there, jaw half open, eyes glazed over, while trying to understand how I got someone like her. They don't know the half of it.

Tracie is the smartest person I know. She constantly amazes me and impresses me with her knowledge. If I need to know anything, first thing I do is ask Tracie. In the rare times she doesn't know, I ask the internet. But this post is about Tracie. (Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see.) I needed to marry someone I could have an intelligent conversation with. which brings me to the next Tracie point.

Tracie is an excellent conversationalist. I can and always could talk to Tracie about anything and everything, one because she's so smart, two, because she's so open and welcoming. From when we first met, I could be myself with Tracie, and I am pleased to say I still can be, and I know she loves me just like that.

Tracie is a perfect friend. I know this, because we were JUST friends for several months, (then we were just friends who kissed. then we were dating. then engaged. then married. now married.) Tracie walks the delicate balance of pure friendship in that she loves someone for just the way they are, while at the same time works to help you become better than what you are. She is my best friend, and I am blessed everyday (except when she just wakes up-watch out!) with her kindness and friendship. Everyone who meets her tells me also how kind and friendly she is. And I smile. I done good. ;)

Tracie is so funny. This is of course crucial to me, and man oh man, did I hit the jackpot in this department. Being the "funny guy" (a label I love) I need someone who can make jokes along with me, and laugh at my jokes (and get them) as much as possible. Tracie understands this and therefore will laugh at pretty much any of my attempts at humor. She has such a beautiful laugh, and such a beautiful pity laugh I feel so much funnier (than I probably deserve) and I love her and thank her for it. But also, she constantly surprises me with how clever and funny she is, and how it makes me think we're gonna have titanic behemoths of comedy for children, which suits me just fine. (And fits into my evil plan! BWA-HA-HA-HA!)

Tracie is talented. Wow. Oh wow. She is so talented. She is musical (LOVE the guitar and love love love love loooooooooooooove the voice!) She is artistic (the Queen of Color, I call her) and very creative in her writing, as you all probably know. Tracie can do anything, which is important to me, cuz I'm lazy, so I know if I don't do it, Tracie can. ;) Tracie is also the greatest editor I have ever met (and smartest sexiest cutest etc.est) which is helpful and convenient for me, because I can write "ennietheengh" and she can make "anything" beautiful and make me seem like a much much better writer.

Tracie is sexy. That's all I say in that area. Sorry, but it needed to be said.

Tracie is an excellent example. She always reminds me that we have to do the right thing (don't kick the puppy, Austin) and encourages me and strengthens my resolve.

Tracie has a true testimony. Having a testimony of the Everlasting Gospel myself, I of course needed a wife with one, and Tracie knows the truth and importance of the message we bear. I am so grateful I have a wife who will raise with me children strong in faith, testimony, and spirit.

Tracie is a princess. Hence the picture. I couldn't find one with all of them and Tracie in it, but Tracie personifies the good qualities of all the princesses, Disney and other. Yes, I know all girls are princesses, but Tracie is different, sorry. She's the best.

Tracie is a master chef. Yes, I know I could put this in Tracie is talented, but because she is so talented (and because I love food so much) I'll put it separately. She is a culinary alchemist, throwing together ingredient to make delicious ambrosia. Mmm mmm good. I love her cooking I love her music, I love her beauty, I love her mind, I love her laugh, I love her editing, I love her singing, I love her dancing, I love her smile. I love her skill, I love her faith, (and yes, I want to kith her faith) I love her kisses, I love her hugs and whatnot, I love her generosity, I love her kindness, I love her forgiveness, I love so many things about her as you can see.

This is of course no comprehensive list, it's a Tracie Sampler, and my small way of saying via Blog "I love you Tracie! I love you more every day! Thank you for being my best friend and giving me the honor of being your husband forever!"

Apr 10, 2008


I've picked up Meditation for Dummies at the library, because I've always been curious about it, and, as of April 9, I've started meditating.

I know it's pretty soon to report results, but I already feel calmer and more in control of myself. I've wanted to stop swearing and getting angry when I drive, and it is already much easier to just breathe and relax. I'm looking forward to the peace and contentment in store as I continue to just meditate 5-15 minutes at the start of my day, after I pray, before I eat.

And don't worry. I won't be shaving my head and going to live in Tibet anytime soon. Well, I might shave my head, (getting balder and balder anyway) but the furthest I'll be moving is American Fork.

Once again, I realize it perhaps a bit silly and definitely premature, but this is also a journal, and it's as much for me as it is for you. I'll report more on it as time progresses. I also admit it a bit silly that I'm learning from a "For Dummies" book, but as Socrates would say, the first step is to admit you know nothing. You big dummy.

One principle I love and hope to take to heart is happiness: Being happy with what I have and not wishing for what I don't.

Apr 8, 2008


This picture c r a c k e d me up! It reminds me of a youth activity I did when I was 12. We went to a mall and there were a bunch of members dressed as weirdos and we had to find them. And yes, my friend's 6'9" dad was dressed as Waldo.

Another funny moment at that activity was there was some old guy dressed like a pirate (who was NOT a part of the scavenger hunt) and kids wanted him to sign their papers, but he got offended and took their checklists away. It's like, if you're over 60 and dressing like a pirate, you better expect attention.

But I digress. I love Waldo. I wish they still made Where's Waldo books. I had the one where you had to find Waldo among the hundreds of other Waldos. Once I found him, I circled him so I'd never lose him again. You may think that's ruining the fun, but I disagree. It was much more fun for me knowing where he was. That way I never lost him, so the little creep could wander all he wanted and I'd just look and BAM! There he is.

A Rose is like a Train

Is a rose a rose a rose? Hi. I'm Austin McClure. You may remember me from such movies as "Christmas Ape", and "Christmas Ape goes to summer camp." No? How about such educational films as "Lead Paint: Delicious, But Deadly", and "Bovine University: Where your Hamburgers come From." Still a no? How about Hi. I'm Austin DM. You may remember me from such Blog Entries as "Do you REALLY want to know?" And "Taking a Whack at It: Me, in Pictures." There we go. What's up? How've you been? I've been better, been worse. Let's see what's new. School, writing, and et cetera.

As the semester winds down to a halt, I can look back on my two classes and say I gave my all, and I was rewarded for it. Art History has one more class and then the final. The class will be about contemporary art, which to them will be 1940-the present. The final will be about art from 1900-now, and we have an in class essay on "The Seven Wonders of Art: Renaissance-Now" which I'm excited about, I think it's a great idea, much better than the other 2 essays. (Which I got an A on both, btw). In case you're wondering, and even if you're not, here's what I have for my Seven Wonders so far. (subject to change)

Renaissance: Michelangelo's David
Baroque: Something by Caravaggio or Rembrandt, most likely. Not sure yet.
Rococo, Enlightenment, Neoclassicism: Unsure, probably Versailles.
Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism: Luncheon on the Grass (Dejeuner sur L'Herbe) by Manet
1900-1945: Duchamp's Fountain
1945-now: I don't know. Possibly something by Andy Warhol, I'll have to see what she talks about in class, since it has to be something we talk about.

English has 5 classes left, then the final. Most of those classes we'll be reviewing for the final. I'm nervous, but not too much. Just enough. We also have an in-class essay on an unknown subject tomorrow, which I'm also anxious about. And, though I don't remember talking about it, the group paper I worked on, thanks mostly to the efforts of my sexy editor, Tracie, got a 99! Yahoo! Thanks, Tracie! I'm sad this class will be over, as I really like the teacher and am tight with the class, but I'm taking Ethics from him in the Fall, so that's good.

For next semester, I wanted to take 3 courses so I can get a degree this century, but since it's a summer term class periods are longer and interfere too much with school, so I'm taking 2 classes again. I'll be taking American Civilization on Saturdays on campus for 4 hours (!) and 2-D design in Spanish Fork on Tues & Thurs evenings. I'm excited to be taking an art class, and even tho it's in SF, that just means I'll be able to visit with family down there more often! Whether they like it or not!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And I'm getting the History class out of the way by only taking it for 2 months. It might be hard, but it'll be worth it to get it over with. Big fan of History, just not American History. Yeah, I'm weird. I guess it’s from learning about our nation for 10 years as a kid that did it to me.

How do I love writing? Let me count the ways… 42. No, 43. Ehhhhh, 42 1⁄2. So I started the insane goal to write a screenplay this month, and I'm already nearly a week behind. I need to write 18 pages today to be caught up. Not sure I'm gonna make it, but I'm gonna try. After this month, whether I finish it or not, I'm a gonna work on more feasible goals for a little guy like me. Like short stories. Those'll be nice. Very short stories. But, for now, it's scripting time. Yesterday I worked on a bunch of story ideas I have, and plotted them out a bit, mostly because I didn't feel like script writing. But I do now.

Et cetera:
We had a lovely conference weekend; it didn't snow until it was all over. Part of me expected President Monson to look different somehow now that he has the prophet mantle, but he's still Thomas S. Monson. Thank goodness. I enjoyed going to Priesthood session with the McNeil men as is tradition, and I ate way way WAY too much this weekend, as is also tradition. With such good cooks in the family (Kris made most/all the food, so it's her fault) it's a wonder the family does anything besides eat. But we had fun, playing games, visiting, and even watching a little conference.

I'm still addicted to American Idol, though the personalities of most of the contestants are starting to annoy me. I'm known to have said that David Archuleta could sing the "Oscar Mayer Wiener" song and bring me to tears, but then say, "I chose that song because it's so beautiful and has a really great message." Michael Johns is getting much better, and I even hate David Cook a little less. A little. Carly Smithson is getting annoying, I don't know if it's the Irish accent or the disgusting tattoos on her chubby tree trunk arms she NEVER covers up. Brooke White is starting to ramble and blabber so much Paula Abdul is threatening to sue, if Syesha Mercado is a 1 trick pony, Kristy Lee Cook is a 1⁄2 trick pony. Jason Castro may be cute, but his singing is annoying, I'd rather smoke a joint than listen to him on the effect of it. It would make me less stoned. And CUT OFF THOSE DREADS!!! You're not Jamaican, not spiritual, you're like the white rastas in 10 things I hate about you. Sheesh. And yet I love it. I even had a dream last night I was hanging out with the 3 judges from Idol and we all were mocking Ryan Seacrest. Good times.

On a personal note, just wanna let you know, this month is my birthday! Just wanna let you know, I’m not getting you anything. No, I’m turning 26, Tracie will be 24. yay! It’s weird, my 25th birthday I felt so much older, I guess it’ll get bad again when I’m 30. Anyhoo, my wonderful and stubborn and loving wife got me a surprise “present” early! No, not that. Sheesh. Will you people never stop? She got me a real lift for my shoe so I won’t limp as much and so my back will straighten out. It’s nice not limping, though I think it’s actually too tall, as I’m limping a bit the wrong way, which is weird, but nice. It could just be my spine is way out of whack, we’ll see. I feel taller, too. Thanks so much, Tracie. I feel like a bit of a jerk, as the present I let her open early was a season of Friends. We only need two more then we have the whole show!

Apr 5, 2008

Go Check out Glass of Random!

You know, just cuz I said I'll be posting less, it doesn't mean don't come over anymore. :( My comments have nearly died since then, and I've decided I'll blog at work, since I can email stuff, I'll email myself my posts of wonder and then post them at home.

But also, to all members of our secret club, go check out Glass of Random, as I've been posting poems and stories I wrote in the past for your viewing and judging pleasure. And to get compliments. So Go check it out!

And once again, if you read Austintatious of the Unadventures of Tracie on at least a semi regular basis and would like to read our take on the world of fiction, let me know you'd like an invite and you'll get one! It's that easy!

Apr 4, 2008

OUT OF ORDER? Soap Musings

I just went to the bathroom at work. While washing my hands, I noticed an “Out of Order” sign on the soap dispenser!

Is that really necessary? If I’m in the restroom and go to the soap dispenser, and it’s not working, I’m moving over to one of the other two next to it.

Toilet out of order, I can understand. That’s something nice to know.

But are there really people who go to the bathroom, head over to wash their hands and then stand in front of the soap dispenser for ten minutes, continuously pulling at the tab: “Maybe THIS time! No… THIS time… no…” because in MY mind, those people probably aren’t washing their hands in the first place, or even going to the restroom, at least without assistance.

Apr 2, 2008


Hm. It's not working. Better keep trying.

My work has taken away internet use, so there's another reason I'll be blogging less.

Apr 1, 2008

Prose Poem by Russell Edson

There was a man who found two leaves and came indoors holding them out saying to his parents that he was a tree.

To which they said then go into the yard and do not grow in the living-room as your roots may ruin the carpet.

He said I was fooling I am not a tree and he dropped his leaves.

But his parents said look it is fall.