Apr 5, 2008

Go Check out Glass of Random!

You know, just cuz I said I'll be posting less, it doesn't mean don't come over anymore. :( My comments have nearly died since then, and I've decided I'll blog at work, since I can email stuff, I'll email myself my posts of wonder and then post them at home.

But also, to all members of our secret club, go check out Glass of Random, as I've been posting poems and stories I wrote in the past for your viewing and judging pleasure. And to get compliments. So Go check it out!

And once again, if you read Austintatious of the Unadventures of Tracie on at least a semi regular basis and would like to read our take on the world of fiction, let me know you'd like an invite and you'll get one! It's that easy!


Jen said...

Sorry I havenot been commenting. I love the stress thing, and that is funny about the soap sign, I will go check out the glass of random. Because it is selected viewers like mine I can't put it on my reader and forget, ooops. I am glad you figured out a trick to still posting. Have a great day!

Dad B said...

I want to see glass of random - send me a link or something like that

Charlo said...

It is no offense that I haven't asked for an invite. I already spend too much time reading peoples blogs. Maybe when I am pregnant and board I will ask, then you will hate me and say no. it will be awesome.