Apr 18, 2008

Update of Warp & Weave

So, after going to the unveiling/opening/whatever of Warp & Weave I learned 3 things that I will now pass on to you. 1) It's harder than I remember reading your writing in front of other people, they're double judging you. 2) I'm the only writer out of 12 with more than one story in the magazine (there are 13 stories). And 3) You can go to it online here, or you can wait until fall, when they'll print it with the next edition of Warp & Weave. Oh, and my stories are about 1/5 the size of all the other stories. But they're like 5/1 times better. Ask Tracie. Or me.


Heather said...

I've read most of the stories. I felt that some of the stories were copied in form and style from other books. I have read an Oracle story very VERY similar to the one about The Timely Goddess.

Yours were more interesting and unique, totally different. More original in form.

Good luck with W&W.

Austin said...

thanks, heather! that means a lot! :D