Apr 8, 2008


This picture c r a c k e d me up! It reminds me of a youth activity I did when I was 12. We went to a mall and there were a bunch of members dressed as weirdos and we had to find them. And yes, my friend's 6'9" dad was dressed as Waldo.

Another funny moment at that activity was there was some old guy dressed like a pirate (who was NOT a part of the scavenger hunt) and kids wanted him to sign their papers, but he got offended and took their checklists away. It's like, if you're over 60 and dressing like a pirate, you better expect attention.

But I digress. I love Waldo. I wish they still made Where's Waldo books. I had the one where you had to find Waldo among the hundreds of other Waldos. Once I found him, I circled him so I'd never lose him again. You may think that's ruining the fun, but I disagree. It was much more fun for me knowing where he was. That way I never lost him, so the little creep could wander all he wanted and I'd just look and BAM! There he is.


lynette_beckstrom said...

This is funny! Where do yo find these things?

Jen said...

Autsin, you are so funny. I was looking for a better word than funny, but that sums it up. Just about every post I laugh. Tracie is lucky to have you around, and the rest of us are too. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend (wish we could have been there)and also have gotten a wonderful gift for your birthday, hope it help you out.

Heather said...

I remember Waldo in the 9th grade!

It was a fad in my youth that lasted all of two months because then I went to high school, and Waldo was so uncool!