Sep 28, 2012

The Hush Sound Logo

For Graphic Design II, our first major assignment is to design a logo for an Intangible Product or Company. The teacher explained it "Madonna is an intangible product because you can buy a Madonna CD, but you can't buy Madonna." While some of us may have argued that example, the point had been made. Most of the class did logos for events or fictional companies, I decided to make a logo for one of my favorite bands, the Hush Sound. We were supposed to design a wordmark as well as a pictorial logo, and have them "go together."

After dozens of sketches and tries, I decided to make their logo an owl, as it's a silent hunter, as well as a cool animal. (the runner up was a "rest" in musical notation, but there wasn't much customization to a rest symbol.)

Below is my original wordmark, done by hand, followed by the evolution of the owl, to the finished product at the bottom.