Mar 26, 2010

Sigh, Where do I begin?

On Wednesday the 17th at 9:30 I went in to the hospital to get a new hip. We waited around and waited some more, finally, around 3:00 I went in and fell asleep. I woke up with a fuzzy head and a painful leg, making jokes that I thought were a lot funnier than they probably were. (Either due to after effects of anesthesia or the effects of being Austin) I got to my room about 9:00, said hi to Tracie and went to bed.

I stayed in the hospital until Sunday (what day is today, anyway? Friday? ok) finding out that the average recovery time for a hip, femur and knee replacement is somewhere in the 4-6 week department, not the 4-6 days I had hoped. I enjoyed some of the best hospital food I've ever had, some of the kindest, most attentive nurses as well as some of the worst, least people friendly ones. I began physical therapy, impressed at my ability as well as my eagerness to get out of there.

It seems that every day I've had an additional hardship to overcome, as the leg one remains. The first day after surgery, I did everything necessary to get the catheter removed, as I hate catheters more than I hate communism. I then wasn't able to use the bathroom sitting down (I'm talking about poop here) for about 5 days, fun. I've dealt with days of nonstop itching (from pain pill side effects, healing incisions, and hair growing back that they shaved off) sweating so much I dreamed I was underwater, having complications with some of the pain pills meaning I had one fun filled night of hallucinations and hearing voices.

I keep saying that I long for the day that it's JUST my leg that's bothering me, not the bad trips, sweating, itching, back aches, etc.

Though I do seem to be healing soon, and it may be just the leg in pain in a few days/week.

Thanks all for your prayers and all you're doing to help us take care of our home and baby boy.

Mar 16, 2010

Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness

Have you ever had something built up so much that by the time you experienced it, it couldn't live up to its reputation? Have you ever done this to yourself?

For months if not years I've raved about Zupa's White Bean Chili to anyone who would listen, as well as lament the fact that they stopped serving it. Woe is me.

Imagine my delight when I heard that they were offering their delectable White Bean Chili again this week only.

I promptly made up an excuse to go down to Provo (my tires need replacing, yeah, that's it) and went down to Zupas.

Before ordering a heaping bowl of scrumptious deliciousness, I asked for a small sample of it first. I breathed the intoxicating aroma, pressed the sample cup to my lips and drank.

My Reaction:





Not that it was bad, but when you build something up so much, it's not possible to live up to the fame you puffed it up with (unless it's Tracie, but I digress).

Instead I ordered their savory Enchilada Chili, helped myself to an AWESOME chocolate covered strawberry, and went to complete my diversion, replacing the tires on our car.

Oh, and also, I'm going in for surgery tomorrow.

Mar 9, 2010

My Big Break

not the good kind.
I've been avoiding this post for awhile. But, no matter how much I want it to be, procrastination isn't a virtue.

So I went to the doctor last week. I got the CT scan and the bone scan (no cancer, yay!) but I found the reason for my pain. The metal rod in my leg has slowly moved up into and through my remaining hip bone. To put it the way the doctor did, my leg has been sinking into the mud. To put it another way, my hip bone has been skewered/sandwiched between a metal rod and a fat guy.

So, on March 17, instead of getting drunk on green beer or flying to Texas which was what I wanted to do on spring break, (the Texas part. The green beer is a joke. So yeah)I'll be going under anesthesia and getting the last of my femur (the hip) replaced so my femur and knee will be ALL metal.

I'm naturally nervous about this, as I have a full time job, and am a full time student, and am trying to help as much as I can around the home (which isn't very much) and I hear that people who get hips replaced are away from work for weeks, which I just can't do. My teachers and employers are understanding, but understanding unfortunately doesn't translate to we'll give you all A's or we'll pay you anyway.

I think it's a sign of growing up (dangit) that I'm more worried about my school work and my work work than I'm worried about the pain or risk of anesthesia. Or it's pragmatism. Or denial.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I would really appreciate your prayers that I get better fast so I can get back to school and work and only lose money to the doctors, not from being out of work for several weeks.


*Also, my cane handle broke finally. Probably because a) it's about 12 years old b) I've gained weight since I used it last and c) I've been using it as more of a small crutch than a cane lately, so now I'm back to crutches until after the surgery, when I'll try to convince Tracie to let me get a sword cane.

Mar 3, 2010


Joker: Uhh, God you disgust me.
You have no charm at all, just... obviousness.
Shame on you.

Obvious... and everybody knows.

You wear your shame like a badge, because you don't have the balls to actually pin one on.

Yes, just look at you.

Desperate to be feared, you want to be perceived as a monster, dressed in black.
And yet... you leave that little window.

A glimpse at the perfection underneath.

Obvious — the chiseled good looks, not the jaw, the mouth of a monster... why do you let it be seen?
Tell me why.Batman: To mock you.

Mar 2, 2010

Calling All Commissions

If you're graduating or getting married and want to help me fulfill an assignment, let me know!*

*More details below.**


My digital prepress class assignment due in 1 week is a formal invitation of either a wedding or graduation. Being married for over 3 1/2 years and not going to graduate for at least 2 years, I feel it silly to design an invite for a wedding that happened several years ago or a graduation that will happen (it feels like) 100,000,000 centuries from now. However, I also feel silly designing an invite for a fake wedding/graduation.

Are you graduating from college/high school/ whatever, or engaged, and have a picture of you or you and your sweetheart?

Let me know!

"But Austin," you say, "you're a beginner and not the most talented duck in the pond. Why would I want that?" (Jerk)

Rest assured, this isn't for you to use for your actual wedding or graduation, though you're welcome to. It's just so I can fulfill an assignment. Did I mention it's due in 1 week? It's due in 1 week.

"Why, Austin, what could be your reason for designing an invitation for me, in under one week, whether I utilize it or not, free of charge?"

I just want to do something which I feel is useful, since lately I haven't felt ANYTHING I've done has been particularly useful. (school-wise.)

Help this struggling Graphic Design student and get a free fake invite while you're at it! First interested party wins!

Tell your friends!~