Mar 2, 2010

Calling All Commissions

If you're graduating or getting married and want to help me fulfill an assignment, let me know!*

*More details below.**


My digital prepress class assignment due in 1 week is a formal invitation of either a wedding or graduation. Being married for over 3 1/2 years and not going to graduate for at least 2 years, I feel it silly to design an invite for a wedding that happened several years ago or a graduation that will happen (it feels like) 100,000,000 centuries from now. However, I also feel silly designing an invite for a fake wedding/graduation.

Are you graduating from college/high school/ whatever, or engaged, and have a picture of you or you and your sweetheart?

Let me know!

"But Austin," you say, "you're a beginner and not the most talented duck in the pond. Why would I want that?" (Jerk)

Rest assured, this isn't for you to use for your actual wedding or graduation, though you're welcome to. It's just so I can fulfill an assignment. Did I mention it's due in 1 week? It's due in 1 week.

"Why, Austin, what could be your reason for designing an invitation for me, in under one week, whether I utilize it or not, free of charge?"

I just want to do something which I feel is useful, since lately I haven't felt ANYTHING I've done has been particularly useful. (school-wise.)

Help this struggling Graphic Design student and get a free fake invite while you're at it! First interested party wins!

Tell your friends!~


Charlo said...

what about an invite for a formal masked ball, to be held in Tracie's Honor, For her next Birthday

Austin said...

Don't you think that was my first thought?

But no, the teacher said it has to be for a wedding or a graduation.

Thanks anyway though.

Still looking...

Heather said...

What about a celebrity having a wedding? Or some other famous somthing that you adore, and make a invite for that? Then you can mock it in your classic humor: Welcome to *****'s 7th wedding in 10 years etc.

HailerStar said...

If it was me ... I'd go Muppet.

The Wedding of Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Think of how wild you could totally go with the color scheme and still have it be deemed appropriate!

HailerStar said...

Does the date matter? If you're desperate you could use my husband (he gets out of grad school in Dec but if he has a pick-up class it could be June 2011) So if you don't get another great opportunity you can use Stephen Halliday. (drop me a note on FB if you need more info and want to use his name)

Austin said...

Heather, thanks, I just noticed you DID offer your husband, but I just finished the assignment. Thanks anyway, ttyl.