Mar 26, 2010

Sigh, Where do I begin?

On Wednesday the 17th at 9:30 I went in to the hospital to get a new hip. We waited around and waited some more, finally, around 3:00 I went in and fell asleep. I woke up with a fuzzy head and a painful leg, making jokes that I thought were a lot funnier than they probably were. (Either due to after effects of anesthesia or the effects of being Austin) I got to my room about 9:00, said hi to Tracie and went to bed.

I stayed in the hospital until Sunday (what day is today, anyway? Friday? ok) finding out that the average recovery time for a hip, femur and knee replacement is somewhere in the 4-6 week department, not the 4-6 days I had hoped. I enjoyed some of the best hospital food I've ever had, some of the kindest, most attentive nurses as well as some of the worst, least people friendly ones. I began physical therapy, impressed at my ability as well as my eagerness to get out of there.

It seems that every day I've had an additional hardship to overcome, as the leg one remains. The first day after surgery, I did everything necessary to get the catheter removed, as I hate catheters more than I hate communism. I then wasn't able to use the bathroom sitting down (I'm talking about poop here) for about 5 days, fun. I've dealt with days of nonstop itching (from pain pill side effects, healing incisions, and hair growing back that they shaved off) sweating so much I dreamed I was underwater, having complications with some of the pain pills meaning I had one fun filled night of hallucinations and hearing voices.

I keep saying that I long for the day that it's JUST my leg that's bothering me, not the bad trips, sweating, itching, back aches, etc.

Though I do seem to be healing soon, and it may be just the leg in pain in a few days/week.

Thanks all for your prayers and all you're doing to help us take care of our home and baby boy.


Laurie said...

Wow Austin! You have been through more than one person ever should. Good thing you have a cute family to make up for it ;)

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Tell your wife to read her friggin blog comments.

And get better soon and cool stories bro.

Wendy said...

Jacob told me about the voices and it gave me chills!

I have to say I am enjoying my first hospital stay more than I thought I would. AF L&D is the best! Not that I would want to be here for any other reason though.

JanB said...

Glad you're feeling good enough to blog about it now. And glad the worst is behind you.
Hope to see you soon!

HayLee said...

Oh goodness, what an adventure. Wish we were closer to help you guys out. Stay positive and heal quick!

HailerStar said...

Glad for the update!

Prayers to you and your fam! And cheers and positive thoughts to keep up the good work!

(Gads, you mentioned itching from pain pills ... been there, done that ... makes you want to claw your eyes out, do ANYTHING to get the dang itching to STOP!)

Heather said...

So no "I see dead people" hallucinations?? Sorry, I just had to bring that up, didn't I? I remember the itching with pain pills in the hospital, isn't that just the worst thing??

Hope you feel better soon. Sorry about the bathroom issues. I would hate having to depend on other people for help in that department.