Jun 1, 2012

Tolkien's Troubles

I believe in the special features/Appendices of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy a Tolkien scholar/biographer mentions something to the effect that Tolken and C.S. Lewis were disappointed that there weren't any stories available that they wanted to read, so they wrote them. I'm not a scholar of languages or one of the most famous atheists turned apologists nor author of two of the best known groups of fantasy novels in the world. But I do wish to read more blogs, and I've finished reading all of yours and still want to continue.

You may have noticed I've slacked on my blog lately. I like to imagine that everyone who reads my blog often wonders "What is wrong with Austin? He hasn't blogged in over a month! I hope he's ok. Also, if only there was some way to pay him in money or favors for the joy he gives me in reading his blog!"

Alas, there is not.

In June I'm again going to endeavor to write one story (likely not a novel as I prefer short stories and can't write that long anyway) every day for thirty days. I'm not sure what I'm going to write, which may be a bit of a challenge because I'm finishing writing this on June 1, but I guess that's part of the challenge. I hope so anyway.

In other news, last week my mom came to visit and it was awesome. In addition to cards and games we went to Thanksgiving Point and Salt Lake City. I miss my mother terribly but it was wonderful to have her visit. Moby especially had fun with his Nana, he even remembered her after it being nearly a year since we saw her last.

Re: school, 2 semesters left, (God willing), this summer I'm taking off so I can teach myself a few things, I plan for C#, novel writing, and Ruby on Rails. If I have time I'll crack back open my php and javascript for dummies books, but not likely. I also have a few graphic design projects for friends and family I'm working a bit on, one I'm actually getting paid for(!) so that's cool. I'll let you know more details later.

Our home is still in flux but it's a bit roomier now as we've loaned our couch to some friends for a few years until we get a bigger place, the living room seems massive now without it. Hopefully we'll be getting rid of Tracie's old desk as well. The office has been completely revamped and is about 80% done (Tracie may argue with the amount of done-ness, but I'd prefer I was 100% done, so I think it's a good compromise ;)) with 2 new desks, a new printer, my desk in a new place, another bookcase, the room painted, a futon or something similar in the near future, now we need to decorate it.

That's about all I can think of, til next month, oh, it's here!