Jun 26, 2009

Nonsmoking, Please

There's no question I'm behind in my blog posts, I have about 6 planned, but I figured I'll just have to break out of chronological order to get any written. Being a parent is awesome, but makes the blog suffer (baby>blog).

So yesterday was Morgan's one week birthday, and I'm already regretting his middle name. Since he's been born, he's had to have his lungs pumped, been on oxygen, had low blood sugar and so he needed an IV, had jaundice and so had to be under the uv lights. And yesterday, we had his first fire.

So I came home yesterday for lunch to my beautiful wife, my adorable son and my lovely mother who's staying with us, helping out with the baby and helping us maintain our sanity. When I came in I smelled a slight odor of smoke, but assumed it was from the construction outside. After a few minutes my mom and Tracie both commented on the smell and haze, as well as a faint beeping. We started to worry that a neighbor's fire alarm was going off. I checked with our next door neighbors and those below them, they could smell the smoke but it wasn't coming from either of their apartments. It smelled like something burning in the oven. The couple in the apartment below us weren't home, but the smell and sound of beeping were loudest when holding my ear up to their door. A little concerned, I called the landlord to tell them we all smelled smoke, they said they'd come check it out. Well, the smell started getting worse, so I called the fire department. They didn't answer the phone. So much for not freaking out. For the first time in my life, I called 911. Even though I wasn't panicky, calling 911 made my heart race, and I gave them our information and the suspected fire. I was impressed with how quick they came here, a cop first to verify the report, and then two fire trucks and 2 ambulances. Our neighbors arrived home and opened the door, allowing smoke to flood out their door. One of them ran in, everyone shouted at him to come out. We waited outside while the firemen went in, some brandishing axes (I don't know why, the door was open.) Morgan slept through pretty much the whole thing. The culprit turned out to be a very blackened pot of chicken, there was no real fire, just an awful lot of smoke that we're still trying to get rid of the smell. Thank goodness everyone was ok and there was no permanent damage. How was YOUR Thursday?

Jun 18, 2009

Birth Day!

After over 26 hours of drug-free labor, Morgan B. joined our family on June 18, 2009, at 1:46 am. He weighed 7 lb. 14 oz., was 20 and 1/2 inches long, and has a dimple on his left cheek like his mommy.

I am so grateful to and in awe of Tracie for what she accomplished.

Pictures to follow, we remembered our camera and laptop, but forgot the cord to connect the two.

Jun 9, 2009

The Deep Breath Before The Plunge

How it feels to be waiting for a baby who is due tomorrow: Exciting, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, horrifying, wonderful, horrible, wild, structured, fun, boring.

Whenever I call someone now they ask "Are you at the hospital?" "Is the baby here yet?" "Why are you calling me if Tracie isn't in labor! I don't want to talk to you until then!" And so on. It's getting frustrating. (Says the non-pregnant father. I would say I can only imagine what it's like for Tracie, but she keeps me pretty well informed at how much she wants to have the baby right now.) We're excited, we finally have basically everything we'll need for the first little while (a place for him to sleep, a place for him in the car, diapers, lots of cute clothes, diapers, a place to change him, a place to bathe him, and diapers. We just need a pad for him to sleep on in the basinet we borrowed from Trent & Jessica, and a glider for us to rock him in when trying to put him to sleep.

So, we wait. We wait. In limbo. I'm betting on him arriving Friday or Saturday, when do YOU think Mr. Morgan will join us?

Jun 2, 2009


The Morgan Danger blog is officially closed. If you didn't get an invite, but want one, let me know, and I'll invite you then. If you're lucky.