Dec 30, 2011

Resolutions: Recap and Renew

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post about Resolutions for 2011. To be accountable as well as to depress myself, I will repost what I resolved to do, sum up how successful or unsuccessful I was, and make new resolutions. I will do so... now:

1.) Exercise three times a week, only treat myself to fast food one day a week.
   -Sigh. I did ok for awhile, probably longer than usual, but I'll renew this one for 2012, try to lose @ 30 pounds and keep it off.

2.) Finish a second draft of "Prince Pert's Perilous Quest for the Perfect Princess." And write a new story for NaNoWriMo.
   -I did half. I haven't touched (and frighteningly can't find my first draft of my fractured fairy tale) Prince Pert in ages (that sounds bad) but I did write @30k words of an autobiographical rant that I'm counting. 

3.) Read a bedtime story to Morgan most nights.
   -He still won't really hold still to be read to, but I sing to him and tell him stories when he lets me. He is getting better holding still to look at picture books, which is nice. 

4.) Get A's in all my classes.
   -I actually did it this summer and fall semester. Spring semester I would have but 1 teacher who shall remain nameless (and friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless) gave me a C. The fool. I'd love to get all A's again, we'll see.

5.) Read one book a month.
   -I started out pretty good, much better than the year before, though I ended poorly. I think I managed to read 10 books this year, I'm going to try to hit that benchmark again, this time focused on design books and technical books like the Ruby on Rails for Dummies book I bought but haven't cracked open.

Bonus Resolutions

a.) become active again. Active in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that is. My 2 biggest reasons for being inactive, church being too early and Morgan being too wiggly, are about to become moot. I still want to be active more for other people than for myself, but it's better than nothing and I assume I'll eventually be active for myself once I get my fat butt to church again.

b.) do a personal graphic design project a week to build up my portfolio and skills. School is all fine and good but if I let them take charge of my education I fear I will be very lacking when it's time to actually and finally find a job.

c.) GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 11, 2011

Color Theory Project

We've been studying the color theories of Josef Albers. Our assignment has been to make 2 colors appear as one, one color appear as two, simulated transparencies and simultaneous contrasts. All the other assignments were painted, but this was done in illustrator. Being who I am, I had to put in a quote. The runner up was a quote from Marc Chagall: "All colors are the friends of their neighbors, and the lovers of their opposites."

Dec 2, 2011

Come On In

After staying up all night on Tuesday/Wednesday and only sleeping three hours last night, I am proud/pleased/relieved to be done with my Art History hypothetical museum project.

I'm tired so I can't remember if I've said it before, so here goes. In Art History we were assigned to make a hypothetical modern art museum exhibit. I chose works of art that focus on integrating the viewer into the creative experience, using methods like visual/optical blending, paintings that let the viewer decide what it was about, and even art works that invited viewers to add to it, or art works that viewers added to without the artist's permission. It was a fun-ish project, but it took way longer than I expected, I had said all I needed to say after 4 1/2 pages and it was a minimum of 6 pages. What you're looking at is the front and back of a pamphlet I made for the exhibit, mostly just showing the more famous works of art in the exhibit and a little bit of info about it. I'd post the paper I wrote, but it's an academic paper and even I think it's boring, so I'll spare you. If you really want to read it or are looking for a sleeping pill let me know and I'll email it to you. Now that I'm done, I'm going to get some deserved sleep. Only one project left for the semester!

Longfellow quote

After staying up all night twice this week, I sure hope so. Hope you like what I've done with Henry Longfellow's quote. If not, it's ok, I'm going to sleep now.