Oct 29, 2012

Midterms and Registration

I figured the month is nearly over and I haven't updated in awhile. I wanted to post on how my classes are going, what's up with life, and that I'm already registered for next semester. What's so awesome about that? Well, it's my LAST SEMESTER EVER!!!!!!!

So, as a refresher my classes I'm taking now are:
Graphic Design II
Advanced Layout
Senior Seminar
Art of the Renaissance
Intro to Museum Study

Graphic Design II: Possibly the most frustrating class of the semester. My first logo I spent time and energy and even a little bit of blood, sweat and a few tears, and got a B-. My second project I had no motivation to do and so totally phoned it in, got a B+. Learn your lesson, kids: Don't try. Looking forward to the next and last assignment of the semester: branding the crap out of a company.

Advanced Layout: My favorite class of the semester by far. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have passion, ability, and a teacher who knows what they're doing. I did a photo shoot this week for the cover and one of the features, more to follow I'm sure. The main project is a magazine, mine is called Falstaff, it's basically a magazine made for Austin and by Austin.

Senior Seminar: A very helpful class, I really like the instructor and most of the assignments, but it can get boring, probably because a large % of the class is talking finances.Currently working on making my own logo and brand.

Art of the Renaissance: It's Art History, what can I say? Love it, know it, live it, breathe it. The teacher is fine, not incredible as some of the other AH classes, but at least she doesn't challenge my love of the subject as some design teachers have.

Intro to Museum Study: Challenging Graphic Design II as the most aggravating and Sr. Seminar as the most boring, there are some days I feel like the class should be called manual labor for college credit. It's cool to learn about museums "behind the scenes," but a majority of class time is often spent painting the walls, moving the museum objects, cleaning, etc. etc. I have no problem with work, but it feels like they're taking advantage of us a little in the name of education. How that's different than the rest of my experience at UVU I'm not entirely sure yet.

Here's a sampling of what I'm working on:

^This is my latest rendition of my self logo for Senior Seminar. I liked it until i looked at it here and saw it reminds me of a law office. I'll change the colors.

 ^This is a "support graphic" for the fictional technological device "Lango," a handheld translator. The support graphic is supposed to support both the logo and the product, I wanted to have 2 different people communicating and thanks to "Lango," understanding each other.
^Here is the current cover of Falstaff magazine. The photographer is my cousin Charlotte, the model is my other cousin Carrisa. I got to Art Direct a photo shoot that I might blog about later. I'm pretty excited with how awesome it's turned out.

So that's how Fall semester is going. But last night was early registration for Spring semester, and since I am a senior with only 2 classes needed to graduate, I got to register.

Because of my grant, I actually have to take 4 classes, but I decided to take 2 other classes, partially because I'm about as fed up with most of the art department at that school as I can be, and partially because it's my last semester of college so I'm going to make it count.

To graduate I'm taking Contemporary Art History from one of my 3 favorite art teachers, my favorite art history teacher, it should be awesome. I'm also taking Flash Animation, even though I said I wouldn't learn Flash as it's becoming obsolete, at least more so, it's one of the few classes I'm allowed to take to graduate.

I'm also taking Intro to IS/IT Programming which should be fun, I've heard the teacher is great & I'm getting sick of being the odd man out when 2 or more of my guy friends get together that's practically all they talk about, plus it will hopefully make me slightly more marketable.

Finally and most excitingly, I'm taking a Minimalist Literature class from my favorite teacher EVER. Not favorite Literature teacher or favorite college teacher, but favoritest teacher ever! It should be fun.

And that's school for me, thanks for reading, any of you who still do, until next month, happy Halloween and dia del Muerte!

Oct 6, 2012

Pinterest & Me

I've heard of Pinterest, of course. Even looked at it once or twice. Well, in my magazine design/layout class, our teacher assigned us to make a Pinterest account, so I did.

In addition to finding inspiring graphic design and art (I haven't really used it for fashion, decorating or recipes (yet)), I've also made a few quote images for it, that I would like to share here as well, for reasons. Some are my quotes, some are quotes from others, some are quotes I don't know where they came from so I take all the credit.