Nov 24, 2009


Photoshop Assignment: create 5 images around a specific theme.

Can you guess what my theme was?

*Hint: it rhymes with sbarmer.

Nov 3, 2009

New News

No, the news isn't that my blog is now credit card safe, the news is I have a new job! I start tomorrow, and I'm super de duper excited and super de pooper nervous. My time at Heritage (or HIT) was mostly well spent and I wish them well, but I felt that they were promoting people that didn't know as much or weren't as good with people as I was, I wanted somewhere I could be appreciated, somewhere I could make more friends and money, and somewhere closer to home. All of that is at Security Metrics.

I already have a friend there, Brad who told me about the job and pestered my new boss about interviewing me, big great big thanks, Brad!

I'll let you know how it goes after I've been there, but that's my news, now that I've officially quit HIT, I feel it's ok to tell the blogging world!

Look out, Security Metrics Tech Support, here I come!!!

The most adorable calendar countdown ever

True it has a lot of flaws (the design, not the baby) but I was just messing around and thought I'd post it for any NaNo Authors out there. And for funsies.