Nov 24, 2009


Photoshop Assignment: create 5 images around a specific theme.

Can you guess what my theme was?

*Hint: it rhymes with sbarmer.


Laurie said...


Anonymous said...

The last was my fav... Are you going to any V or B relatives tomorrow? Wish we could be there with you too... Happy Thanksgiving!

Austin said...

Laurie wins!!!

And yes, we're going to see V relatives and M relatives, but B's we'll see Sunday. Three Thanksgivings is too many.

Ammon said...

So, what was your final grade?

Austin said...

Don't know yet, he grades everything at the end of the semester.

But seriously, Ammon, how can you ask that? Did you see the images??? Behold, my Awesomeness!

Heather said...

your photoshop skills are increasing. of course the last one is my fave too.