Jan 3, 2011

Resolution Revolución

Inspired by various blogging friends of mine, I'd like to post some New Year's Resolutions. Why is it a Revolucion, you ask? Besides the incorrect spelling, tis because I am going to make SPECIFIC resolutions. So "lose some weight" becomes "exercise thrice weekly and junk food only once a week." for example. If you don't get it you're gonna get it because...

1.) Exercise three times a week, only treat myself to fast food one day a week. This will mean play less video games and make my lunch before work.
2.) Finish a second draft of "Prince Pert's Perilous Quest for the Perfect Princess." And write a new story for NaNoWriMo. Also participate in Script Frenzy and remind those who would like the reminder to do likewise. It's only 88 days away, people!
3.) Read a bedtime story to Morgan most nights. I don't say every night because if I forget or circumstances don't allow it, I won't lose my goal and give up. I started this on Christmas and have done so nearly every night since then.
4.) Get A's in all my classes. This is specific, how can I make it more specific? Do my homework, turn it in on time, be awesome, buy Adobe CS5 and don't skip class.
5.) I haven't been happy with how little I've been able to read this past year. I love reading but have found little time to do so. I think I can commit to reading one book a month. I have a lot of books I've been given both as Christmas presents and a few backed up from birthdays, so I plan to read these books, and possibly write a review of each, though it will probably just be a heads up, since some of you may know my reviews end up being either "I love it, read it!" Or, "I hate it, don't bother even using it as toilet paper, you may get cut." So the goal is to read a book a month, not review a book a month, of the books I own and have neglected since coveting them before I did own them.

No goals on blogging, I think I currently blog a sufficient amount. Not too much that you get sick of reading what color sweater my bichon frise is wearing this hour, not too little that you worry you'll start seeing my face on milk cartons, provided they start putting children's faces on milk cartons again, or that you start drinking out of milk cartons.

There are other hopes and wishes I could call resolutions like reading more scriptures and being a more active parents, husband, houseworker, employee, student, etc. etc. But these are enough for little ol' me for now.

What are some of YOUR new year's resolutions this year?


Ammon said...

Best of luck on your resolutions for this upcoming year!

I've got some goals that I'm mulling over. But, the one big resolution I'm committing to is getting home earlier. I'm usually home around 7:30 or 8. My goal is to be home between 6 and 6:30.

By the way, I couldn't help but notice your image featuring El Libertador, himself. very nice.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

I inspired somebody? Viva la revolución!

I resolved to finish my book. Beyond that, I hope to continue doing the things I've been doing (playing basketball, being a dad, going to the beach/waterpark, playing way too many videogames, and practicing my guitar) with at least the same level of consistency, if not better. I should resolve to drink less soda, but that's setting myself up for failure.