Mar 9, 2010

My Big Break

not the good kind.
I've been avoiding this post for awhile. But, no matter how much I want it to be, procrastination isn't a virtue.

So I went to the doctor last week. I got the CT scan and the bone scan (no cancer, yay!) but I found the reason for my pain. The metal rod in my leg has slowly moved up into and through my remaining hip bone. To put it the way the doctor did, my leg has been sinking into the mud. To put it another way, my hip bone has been skewered/sandwiched between a metal rod and a fat guy.

So, on March 17, instead of getting drunk on green beer or flying to Texas which was what I wanted to do on spring break, (the Texas part. The green beer is a joke. So yeah)I'll be going under anesthesia and getting the last of my femur (the hip) replaced so my femur and knee will be ALL metal.

I'm naturally nervous about this, as I have a full time job, and am a full time student, and am trying to help as much as I can around the home (which isn't very much) and I hear that people who get hips replaced are away from work for weeks, which I just can't do. My teachers and employers are understanding, but understanding unfortunately doesn't translate to we'll give you all A's or we'll pay you anyway.

I think it's a sign of growing up (dangit) that I'm more worried about my school work and my work work than I'm worried about the pain or risk of anesthesia. Or it's pragmatism. Or denial.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I would really appreciate your prayers that I get better fast so I can get back to school and work and only lose money to the doctors, not from being out of work for several weeks.


*Also, my cane handle broke finally. Probably because a) it's about 12 years old b) I've gained weight since I used it last and c) I've been using it as more of a small crutch than a cane lately, so now I'm back to crutches until after the surgery, when I'll try to convince Tracie to let me get a sword cane.


HayLee said...

I hope this gets you out of pain. We'll be praying for you!( the green beer thing may not be a bad idea still. haha JK.) did you watch the office?

Heather said...

OW! just reading your explanations--ouch! Hope you recover veryl quickly. We will be praying for you. One thing I learned about life, is that other doors (or other human angles) constantly keep opening to fulfill our needs

The Royal Buffington's said...

Austin - our family will keep you in our prayers.

Wendy said...

We'll be thinking of you guys (more than usual) and we'll try not to get wasted on St. Patrick's Day so we can be around to help out with the kid or something. And let us know when you'll be ready for a home visit.

JanB said...

Well, I think you SHOULD get a sword cane. It's perfect for a chivalrous and otherwise defenseless* young man like you. I would think that Tracie would insist you get one.

*(Being unable to chase down bad guys.)

Ashley Thalman said...

Haven't been on here for a looooong time! How are you Austin? I hope the surgery went as well as was expected.
Strange that my friend had this EXACT surgery two years ago for the same thing. She is 100% metal now and wished she had been from the start. That would have been nice eh?

Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) said...

I like the dragon one!

HailerStar said...

Ditch the sword cane ... get one of those giant walking sticks from Renn Fest! (I have one and I love it!) Be a badass wizard who can whoop people with his walking stick!