Apr 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!


Dad B said...

You look great for 30.

I can't believe your wife is married to such an older man (people tell this to me all the time)

Enjoy your special day, and we'll think of you again next year.

Muchas smoochas.


Kris said...

Happy birthday Austin. Glad that we made it home to wish you a happy one.

Heather said...

AHHH! I missed your birthday. I remembered all last week, and was thinking I gotta send an email, comment or otherwise by the 20th!

Hope you had a great birthday. I love that you and Tracie get to celebrate birthdays together in the same month, and in the tens too (20 and 30)!

Andrew said...

Happy birthday, Austin.

What is it, 26, now?


JanB said...

Sorry I didn't post this sooner, but. . . .
Happy Birthday!
It was on my calendar and everything, and I said to Jim, "It's Austin's Birthday today". So I really did think of you, I just never got on the computer that day.