Apr 4, 2008

OUT OF ORDER? Soap Musings

I just went to the bathroom at work. While washing my hands, I noticed an “Out of Order” sign on the soap dispenser!

Is that really necessary? If I’m in the restroom and go to the soap dispenser, and it’s not working, I’m moving over to one of the other two next to it.

Toilet out of order, I can understand. That’s something nice to know.

But are there really people who go to the bathroom, head over to wash their hands and then stand in front of the soap dispenser for ten minutes, continuously pulling at the tab: “Maybe THIS time! No… THIS time… no…” because in MY mind, those people probably aren’t washing their hands in the first place, or even going to the restroom, at least without assistance.

1 comment:

Ammon said...

There's a nifty little sign in all the men's rooms at my work. The caption reads: "Please do not deposit papers in the urinals."

Is this a widespread epidemic down here? Did some unsuspecting gal mistake the men's bathroom for the women's, take a seat on the urinal and do her business? Are Chilean males unclear on the how to use a urinal?

Um, yeah.