Apr 16, 2008

What a Day this has been!

I've had a good day. In fact, I've had a great day.
But first, the bad news. It was my last day of class in my English Writing class. I really like the teacher (and am taking his Ethics class in the fall) but I also liked my classmates, they were all very smart and fun, and they thought I was very smart and fun, which is always good. Also, my poor Tracie is feeling sick today so she stayed home, and her car needed new oil, a tune-up and maintenance, so we got that out of the way as well.
Work is work, which is fine. But today has been great for several reasons. First, I finished 2 short stories today!!!!
One, Journey of a Dream is from an idea I had about a year or two ago, and I finally just wrote it. The other, Origins of a Crazy Cat Lady is from a picture I found on flickr that I really liked. The Cat Story was 6 pages handwritten and about 3 1/2 typed. The Dream Story is about 12 pages handwritten, and I haven't transcribed it yet. I'll post them both on Glass of Random after Tracie edits them, don't worry.
Also, I'm so excited that Kristy Lee Cook got voted off American Idol!!!
I could never stand her, and am finally relieved she's gone gone gone! The only downside is now I'm not rooting for ANYONE to leave! Oh well. Great show, even with Ryan Seacrest.
Still looking forward to my birthday, still this Sunday, and I'm still more than a little nervous about the whole reading my writing thing for the school magazine opening. I'll let you know how that goes. The semester is almost over, and I'm actually excited for finals! I loved this semester, but I'm looking forward to next semester too!

Sorry about the shortness, I'll try to write another post soon about everything that's been happening, like visiting with the Jim & Jan clan in SF, like this crazy weather (Spring is finally here! No wait, it's snowing again. Ah, it's beautiful and warm out. Nope, I see snow.), like what books I'm reading, like how my meditation is going, like why I decided to not write a screenplay but just concentrate on short stories for now, and like why I'm excited for Tracie's and my's birthdays and why May is going to kick butt.

So, that's all for now.

You're still here? It's over. Go home. ...go


Heather said...

thanks for a great laugh!

Mainly on the weather and the Ferris Bueller's Day Off ending (you still here? go home!)

Always great to hear how things are doing in school and the homefront. Tell Tracie to get well soon!

Good luck with finals. Can't wait to read the stories.

The weather here is also weird. Spring is here all nice and 75 degree high, 58 lows for two weeks. Then we get 95 degrees high for two days, everyone is running their ACs.

Then last night dropped to 41 degrees!!! Today we are back to 75 high, so far.

Kris said...

Sounds like you really liked school this last semester. I know that you did a good job on your grades, I expect that you will make the Dean's list. Keep up the good work, you're a great writer.