Jul 24, 2008

They Call the Thing Rodeo

Last night we DID something!!! I think the title gives it away, but I'll tell you anyway... We Went To The Spanish Fork Rodeo! That part was pretty cool, I'll write more about it in just a minute, but the REALLY exciting thing was that ALL my dad's siblings were there, and almost all of my cousins!!!

It was cool.

So here's what went down. We arrived in Spanish Fork, saw my grandparents at my Uncle Jim's house, they weren't feeling well and so didn't go to the Rodeo, but they gave us their tickets. So grandpa drove us to the rodeo, we went in (it was HOT!!!) and saw all the family. It was great to see my aunts & uncles & cousins, I was surprised how much they've grown. (this tall young woman walked up to me and gave me a big hug before I realized it was my cousin Kiersten) and we watched the rodeo. I think it was my first rodeo, and here are my observations: it wasn't at all as smelly as I expected. (we got a whiff of manure every now and then) We watched the bareback riders and the guys jump off a horse to bring down a young steer, and some rope the same. There were a surprising amount of commercials, people riding around the arena with a flag for the Daily Herald or Utah Community Credit Union, though surprisingly no Steak Houses or Burger Joints. After about an hour and a half we learned that my cousin Justin (as in best man and former mission companion Justin) was in town, but leaving the next day, so we left, made plans to see everyone again on the 24th (today) and went to see Justin, Kathryn, and meet their baby girl, Lily. We had a really fun visit with them, (last time we saw them, Kathryn was pregnant) and meeting their adorable baby. It made Tracie even more baby hungry, and me just a little bit. I knew I missed Justin, but I forgot just how much. So I'm very glad we got to see them for a bit. After that we went to Tracie's parents and learned how to water their lawn and visited a bit.

But hey! Look at us! Doing something to blog about! I'm so happy. That was my third joy yesterday. Joy #1-Seeing family. Joy #2-Going to the Rodeo. Joy #3-Getting to blog about it. Priceless.


Heather said...

Loved the "priceless" commercial bit in your blog.

If you liked the rodeo, check out the Strawberry Days coming up in the Linden/PG area in August.

I went once on a date back in 1992 and it was really fun.

Rodeo, Old Fashioned Carnival Rides, and Carni Food.
What a great way to nourish our inner child.

Kris said...

Aww come on, you just wanted to see the rodeo girls in their really tight Wrangler jeans Right? J/K I loved the rodeo. Alan took me to my first rodeo, he grew up riding a horse and lassoing (sp?) cows. Little did I know that I really married a cowboy. Giddy-up!

JanB said...

That was fun, wasn't it? But I'm afraid you missed some of the best parts by leaving early.
And I absolutely HATED that they had to have "commercials". You can't get away from them anywhere anymore, can you?