Feb 17, 2009

It's not Caroline

It's Coraline. This weekend (Friday the 13th in fact!) we saw "Coraline." It was wonderful. Based on a children's story by our favorite Mr. Neil Gaiman, it was a stop motion 3-D feature by the director of Nightmare Before Christmas (I thought Tim Burton was the director, but apparently not).

It was very true to the book, the largest difference I noticed was the addition of a male character that I'm not sure was necessary, but it helped explain a little bit of exposition and didn't detract from the imaginative story in any way.

Coraline is about a girl whose parents have moved into an apartment in the country. She's into exploring, and the building she's living in is hundreds of years old and very fun to explore. Her parents are a little neglectful, they're busy writing a gardening book, even though neither of them care for gardening. While exploring she finds a small door behind the wallpaper that leads her to a world very much like her own, but very different. (Think a dark Alice in Wonderland with less opium-induced influence and you'll get the idea).

The story is great, but the amazing thing was the cinematography and the visual effects. Tracie and I agree, it's one of the most beautiful and imaginative movies we have ever seen.

I'm not sure it's for very young ones, it's quite frightening in some places, but it's definitely an owner, and will eventually find itself on our movie shelf, next to "Stardust" and "Alice in Wonderland."


Laurie said...

Sounds great! I'll have to give it a looksie. Where have you been??

Heather said...

Thanks for the update on the latest movie. We will be waiting until it comes out on DVD.

Leah does talk about it sometimes, as she overhears about it from her friends at school.

Yeah, like Laurie said, where you been?

Charlo said...

My cousin was telling me she loved it, but I've never even heard of it... I guess I've been out of it.

Kris said...

The jury is still out about whether I want to see this movie or not. I didn't like Nightmare Before Christmas, so..... we'll see.