Apr 26, 2010

Rambling News

I want to blog, but I don't have much to write, or much I want to write about, so this will probably be a dull journalistic entry. I mean more dull and more journalistic than usual.

We had 2 birthday parties this weekend, Saturday night some of our friends came over for homemade pizza (courtesy of Tracie) and cake (also courtesy of Tracie). We wanted to play games, but having 4 energetic and vocal little boys ranging in age from about 15 months to 1 month, no games really got off the ground, so we did karaoke. Thanks to all who came and participated, and for the birthday presents.

Sunday Tracie's family gave her a surprise. They told her no one was available to celebrate her birthday and her parents would be out of town next weekend to go to our niece's baptism in Arizona. But everyone WAS available and surprised Tracie with dinner, cake and presents. I got some much needed shirts, Tracie got some new clothes and picture as well.


Morgan is getting to be more of a handful every day. He's learning to deadweight and throw his arms up when he doesn't want to be held, and he also doesn't want to be held more and more often. Although I should probably make a disclaimer that it's not that he doesn't want to be held so much as he wants to explore and get into mischief, which is fast becoming his specialty. He's like a mischief savant, that boy. Still no teeth yet and not really walking, but we can tell he's getting VERY close. He's content with crawling for the present time, once he wants to, I think he'll be on 2 legs like the rest of us.

Though, technically, one could say his dad is on 4 legs, as I'm still using crutches. It's been almost 6 weeks since I had my surgery. I'm doing great, but still can only put 50% of my weight on my left leg. (If I put 51% on it, the universe will implode). I feel better and can do a little more with it every day, and it's not like being gentle with my leg is a new thing to me. Tracie has been AMAZING through this whole experience, taking care of Morgan and me and our home while still working full time.


I've been back at work now for 3 weeks, and I'm going to start trying to stay longer til I can get to full time. Today I'm going to try to be here for 5 hours, tomorrow 6 hours and see if I can get to 8 hours from there.


I've dropped most of my classes for the semester, as teachers either weren't helpful, or I wasn't able to complete the necessary work. I'm naturally bummed about it, but just telling myself that it just means I'll get to understand the subjects even better when I take them again.


I wanted to write this in its own post, but I'll just say it. As of now, I'm still deciding to do Graphic Design, but I'm adding a Creative Writing minor. It will add more time in school, but less time than a completely different major would. My reasons for choosing this are thus: I remembered that one of the big reasons I chose Graphic Design was I'd like to be an Illustrator, and I heard from several Illustrators and family and friends of Illustrators that they all said they wish they'd taken Graphic Design. And the reason I'd like to be an Illustrator is I'd really like to be a writer, and illustrate my writing.

For my birthday I'm doing something for myself I should've done long ago. I'm submitting some of my stories to different publications, hoping to get (wait for it) published. I bought "Writer's Market" and plan to submit each one to different publishers. I'm a talented writer and married to a very talented editor, and I won't get recognized or (more importantly) get my stories published if I don't try.

For those of you who read or remember GlassOfRandom, Tracie's and my fiction blog, the "Crazy Cat Lady" and the "Journey of a Dream" are 2 of the stories I'll be submitting. Wish me luck.


I haven't posted about American Idol this year because it's so boring. With the exception of Crystal Bowersox, the rest of the contestants are so blah and uninspiring, any other season they wouldn't have made it past the top 24, and we're down to the top 6. I may get hated and burned at the stake for this, but I don't think even Crystal would do very well against most of the contestants in the past, (last season, for example, with the Adam Lambert Kris Allen Alison Iraheta talent powerhouse) but she's so head and shoulders above the rest that she better win.

I think I'm going to leave the show with Simon once the X-Factor takes over. American Idol gave us some talent that otherwise wouldn't be there, but they also gave us Taylor Hicks, so it may be time for it to exit with it's head held high. Metaphorically ride off into the sunset and not come back. And bring Ryan Seacrest with it.


That about all I can think of, I covered all the important stuff, right? School, work, birthdays, my life career choices, American Idol. That's me in a ruddy great big nutshell.


HailerStar said...

I applaud the submissions! I really loved 'Journey of a Dream' It was ethereal and sort of abstract and I really enjoyed it and think it would be neat to see it illustrated as a storybook.

My two cents.


Heather said...

I like the picture, which fits your post perfectly. I would love to see your stories in publication. You have a natural talent for writing, added with that dash of sarcastic humor and dry wit. I liked to hearing about little Morgan. I am glad that everyone celebrated Tracie's birthday cause I knew that my parents would miss it this weekend.

HayLee said...

It was a good nutshell.

Ammon said...

Dude, you’ve turned into a regular blogging machine. Keep it up, you're inspiring me. I think I'll start a paper route, right now!