Dec 1, 2010

Wake Me Up When November Ends

One of the downsides to not blogging in November is when you try to sum it up you think "What happened this month?"

Like any other month, I played too much video games and didn't get enough sleep. I worked and went to school most of the time, unlike other months we had 2 lovely Thanksgiving dinners and I nearly completed my sketchbook. It will still be a mad dash to the end, but it's doable. I may post some sketches I did, I may not.

For my Ethics class I was in a group where we taught a class period about Deaf Culture. I mostly led a discussion on Ethical issues such as Cochlear implants, raising deaf children to be hearing or to be Deaf, as well as applied different Ethicists' systems to the above issues. I think it was fairly successful, the teacher called it "Excellent," which from what I understand, is a good thing.

My Digital Imaging class I did about 14 pages of a children's picture/activity book and now I have another 14 pictures to do for my final. I can't catch a break.

For work I was worried about being fired as my performance has been very subpar in my opinion, only to have my manager today take me away from my desk to have a talk with me and tell me he thinks I'm doing great and am going to make my bonus this month. I need to work on my opinion of myself, or at least continue this masquerade of productivity I seem to be exuding.

All in all in all, November has been a busy but fun month. (Tracie may tell you differently.) Morgan has finally learned how to climb out of both his play pen and crib, is learning more words and does more "tricks" like pointing to his mouth for food, nodding, shaking his head, becoming a better dancer, and playing "Greensleeves" on the panpipes. Ok, I made up the last one. It's "What Child is This."

We went to the release party for "Touchstones" the school literary journal that published my story and saw Heather, the woman who taught our "Birthing From Within" classes. As Tracie said, it was a pleasant surprise that transformed a potentially tedious evening into a delightful one.

This month (November still) we bought a new tv, a 50 inch plasma, as well as a bunch of cheap stuff we didn't really need but it was so cheap we bought it black Friday deals.

Next month (December, technically this month) I hope to finish all my classes, pass all my classes, and blog more, as I've missed it. Work out more, as I need it. And play with Tracie and Moby more, as I love it.

I plan to blog much more this month as I'll have much more time in about 2 weeks with school being out for a few weeks.

Here's to hoping December is a month filled with adventures and love and stories and fun and happiness, and lots and lots of blog entries.


Mark said...

Can you please post a video of Morgan on the panpipes? and why did you teach him "Greensleeves" the "The Theme from StarWars" is just as easy?
Enjoy December - good luck finishing everything that needs to be finished.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

I covered My Word!(the Touchstones release party, for those who don't know) for one of my news reporting classes a year ago. Man, some of those readings get hard to sit through. Awkward people with lousy voices reading stilted prose. Still, at least they served good food. Did you have to read yours?

Austin said...

Dad- I lied. It's not the panpipes, it's the bagpipes. Ok, so it's his armpit.

Jake- That's pretty cool. The coolest thing I covered when I wrote for the UVU paper (then UVSC) was a Cheri Call concert. The performances weren't that bad, and it was good in that only a limited number (about 6?) read their stuff, and 2 of the people I knew.

They asked me to read an excerpt of my story, but I declined.

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

Yoo hoo? It's December 3rd! Time to wake up!!

Ashley Thalman said...

I have lots of toy ideas...I'll post them next week. In the meantime, have you and Tracie ever been to Funfiniti? It is in Orem by Knee Shorts ( what a lame store) and the Distribution Center...

P.S. Remember when we worked in hell together? Twice?