Mar 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary, to... my hip?

Well, it's been one year today that I had my surgery. It was a long painful process and I'm still not fully recovered. That being said, I'm still in much much less pain than I was before the surgery (and shortly after). I still can't extend my leg all the way but it's getting better/closer all the time. I've been able to put my own socks on for a few months, though I've only been wearing sandals or slip on shoes for a year now. I'm almost completely caught up on school from when I had to drop a semester, though regrettably that entire semester went down the crapper when I had my surgery. However, it all becomes worth it when I chase after Morgan and can catch him and play with him without howling in pain. (Until he kicks me somewhere extra sensitive, the surgery didn't protect me from that.)

Also, happy St. Patrick's day, and happy birthday to my friend James!


Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

congrats on making it thus far...and you just had to find a company called Shamrock, right? LOL!!

Ammon said...

You know, there are days I feel really old. And then I remember my younger brother has had his hip replaced.

Thanks for making me feel young.