May 16, 2011

Friday the Umpteenth

As a kid, I watched a lot of television. (Still do, but then, I still consider myself a kid in many ways.) One of my favorite programs was the Disney channels' "Adventures in Wonderland." In addition to being closed-captioned for the hearing impaired, it also was recommended for viewing by the American Federation of Teaching and the National Education Association, as they pointed out at the beginning of ever episode.

It was a fantastic show, (don't let the picture fool you), clever and educational with (mostly) great songs. I think one of the reasons why it hasn't been released on DVD is one of its famous guest stars was OJ Simpson. And as we all know, the only thing Disney likes more than money is bleaching out and hiding any hint that casts any kind of shadow over their family-friendly wholesome image.

One episode I remember was about Friday the Thirteenth. The residents of Wonderland were all afraid and haunted by the bad luck associated with this day, until the Red Queen pronounced Friday the Thirteenth to be "Friday the Umpteenth" which was the luckiest day of the year. All the Wonderlandians (Tweedle dee and dum, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, etc.) realized that luck is a matter of perspective. For example, when one character was building a house of cards, he found out it was Friday the Thirteenth, the house of cards collapsed. But after the proclamation of Friday the Umpteenth, he realized that, though it collapsed, it was the biggest, tallest house of cards ever constructed.

To nine year old me, this was huge, and very educational. You mean luck can be changed simply by perspective?

This Friday the Thirteenth was a wonderful day, and I didn't even need to change much of my perspective to make it so.

I've worked at my job for a year and a half now, the longest I've ever worked anywhere. I love it here, but I've felt a bit trapped, as my school schedule has prevented me several times from promotions and advancement. However, on Friday, I received 2 promotions, one with a pay raise, and one without. Still not a manager, but it's progress as well as I think the first time I've received a pay raise, not counting commission jobs in the past.

I also was 'paid' for my first graphic design job. My friend Charity wanted someone to make business cards for her, I volunteered my services and designed some business cards for her etsy shop, PitterPat Heart. She and her husband paid me by taking Tracie and I out to dinner and arranged for our favorite babysitter to watch Morgan so we could have a grown-ups night out. Best. Payment. Ever.

So this Friday the Thirteenth or Friday the Umpteenth was one of the best days I've had in quite awhile. In fact, the only 'bad' luck about this day is I'll have to wait until January for another Friday the Umpteenth!


Jacob I. McMillan said...

I thought I had hallucinated that show.

As someone who was born on a 13th, I always dreaded my birthday falling on a Friday that year. I'm not superstitious, but turning another year older always makes me suspicious.

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

Seth had his birthday party on Friday the 13th. He is one lucky kids with a great group of friends. Everything went really well that day.

On the other hand, I remember watching that show because Tracie was watching it. I remember being entertained by it even though I was much older.

Ammon said...

Fun post! Makes me think of jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never jam today.