Jun 29, 2011

I Better Post something

...Because the month is almost over and I've only got 2 entries.

I haven't blogged of late mostly because I've been busy or lazy or haven't found much of what I've been doing to be very blogworthy. But I need to write, and one of the best ways to find something to write about is to start writing, as they say.

In case you're concerned about me reaching my reading goal, I have read several books since my last review, I just haven't written new reviews about them, but I'll try to get them written either today or tomorrow so I'll be at book 6 of 12. Phew. Concern over.

I finished my first block of this summer's classes, also known as Digital Imaging II also known as Photoshop Advanced. The final project was to have 4 images on a theme, my last blog post of the MC Escher copy was one of those 4, and the one my teacher said was "graduate quality" and one of the best in the class he had seen. Not bad for one of the only two graphic design students in a class of photographers/photo majors. In fact, not enough of you have commented on it, I've decided. Tell me you love it. TELL ME!

For the second block I'm taking 3D Design again (hopefully for the last time). I really like this teacher, he actually substitute taught the sculpting class I took 6 years ago, I only remember this because he brought the casting of Bug's Life characters he had made for Pixar then and now. He's also from Katy Texas and knows a few people I do. Go figure. (His name's Leland Prince for those of you curious. Since I'm only saying good things about him I assume it's acceptable to mention him by name. Leland.) Our first assignment is to make a sculpture out of wire, I'm doing a skull because I'm not creative and because skulls are cool.

I'm more looking forward to the final project which is supposed to be a combination of found objects, I'm planning on making a monster out of toys that's coming out of a toy chest and attacking a doll, or possibly small child. I told the teacher the idea and he suggested a smaller box like a shoebox or something, I might go cardboard depending on what if any type of toy chests are at D.I. He also told me not to worry about being too creepy or offending anyone, I told him that's what I'm aiming for, so thanks. ;)

I'll post my other 3 pics from the photoshop class, though to be honest the one I'm most proud of is the M.C. Escher homage or copy I did that you've seen already.

Many people have been asking and thought I've told them already it gives me something to write about, no, I'm not pregnant I'm just fat, and also, December of 2012 is when I'm scheduled to graduate. Only 12 years after I first started college, I'll finally have a bachelor's degree, even though I'll be married over 6 years by that time. (And yes, I'm the first person in history to make a joke about getting a bachelor's degree while married, so laugh, dang it.) Growing up I dreamed I would have a master's degree and a PhD even, but I've just been in school that long instead. But, getting a Bachelor's at 30 is better than 40 I guess, and if they're right that 30 is the new 20, I'm doing pretty well for myself, (as well as a pedophile, but still).

Speaking of pedophiles (no, I wasn't, you were) I'm finally ready to start writing again after my writing assignment/project from Hell. My next story will either be about a Mormon serial killer who targets kids under age 8 so they'll go to heaven, or about a medieval squire who has to do the knight's job after the knight dies, a fantasy comedy, what I hope to be my niche. The serial killer story sounds like it could be fascinating, but it's not my style and the last time I wrote something that wasn't my style I ended up with an old west ghost story so dull and poorly written it's used in writing classes as an example of what not to do and in birdcages as lining paper. What does this have to do with pedophiles, you ask? Why are you asking about pedophiles, I ask? How dare you.

Now I want to talk about Moby, but it seems wrong somehow after mentioning pedophiles in the last paragraph. Fluffy bunnies, Summer rain, the Princess Bride, innocent lambs and freshly popped popcorn. All better.

Morgan is growing like crazy. He still doesn't talk much but he's fairly good at telling us what he wants, and not just with whining either. He's learned a good number of signs to tell us if he's hungry or wants more or thirsty or wants to go outside, for example. His second birthday was 11 days ago, we had a Tracie's-side-of-the-family family birthday party, but haven't gotten around to a friend and more family party yet, but we'll have it sometime before he's 3. One thing I was impressed with that someone who's not his parent may just find gross, but Morgan has the habit of taking off his diaper during nap time if it's dirty. The other day I came into his room after nap time to find the diaper on the floor, but unlike usual it was surrounded by 'used' wipes. My two year old wiped his own bum. And he did pretty good too. I was impressed and wanted to post it on Facebook but thought it was TMI even for me. My blog I have no qualms, however.

For TV we're still watching Netflix with no end in sight, thanks to recommendations from both friends and Netflix we finally watched Avatar: The Last Airbender (the show. Not the movie) and loved it. It's now one of my favorite shows. Ever. I recommend it, is what I'm saying. Even if you've seen it already. Watch it again. I've also watched the 3 episodes of Sherlock, I liked it quite a bit, the writing and producing is tight and excellent, but what makes the show great are the dual performances of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. (Or should I say Bilbo and Smaug? nah.) I'm no Sherlock Holmes scholar or even fan, but they both are mesmerizing to watch. Other than that I'm rewatching old favorites like Psych until the next season is finally on Netflix, Better Off Ted, IT Crowd, etc. What have you been watching?

In final note since I'll probably forget (to post it) tomorrow, June 30th 2011 is our fifth wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Tracie. Thank you for making the last five years the best of my life, I look forward to the rest together.


Tracie said...

Love you too

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Stuff I'm watching or have watched or hope to watch soon, followed by comments on stuff you're watching:

So You Think You Can Dance (this season isn't that great, but it's a competitive dancing show)
Adventure Time (Holden likes it, but it's really a surreal fantasy for older kids disguised as a little kid's show)
The Bachelorette (It's alternately disgusting and sociologically fascinating)
Burn Notice (I missed all of season 4 and not even sure whether I'll continue with this show... but Bruce Campbell is still on it)

I really want to watch the 2nd season of Louie (by Louis CK, my favorite comedian, basically the show does whatever he wants it to each week) and this new show called Wilfred (Elijah Wood talks to a dog). And next month, BREAKING BAD SEASON 4 starts up.

Ah, A:TLA. Such a great show, such an awful movie. I can't wait to go through the series again, though I would probably skip some of the early episodes and mostly just pay attention to anything involving Zuko and Katara. As a side note, it's really weird that Mae Whitman (her?) is in 3 of my favorite shows ever (Avatar, Arrested Development and In Treatment). Either she's really lucky or she knows somebody important.

I may have recommended this before, but have you ever watched The Venture Bros.? Tracie won't like it, but I think you might.

Ammon said...

Way to make up for not posting sooner by making this post so lengthy! More Austin is always a good thing!

Mark Beckstrom said...

Happy Anniversary to you two, too.

HailerStar said...

Go watch 'Chuck'!

HailerStar said...

Go watch 'In Plain Sight' as well.

PS. I think it's hilarious that the captcha for this comment is ROUSS (rous's get it?)