Jul 7, 2011

Book 6 of 12: On Writing

I've wanted to read On Writing for several years now, at least since right before I bought it. Being easily distracted and what's that! I haven't made time to read it. No more. While looking for books on CD at the Provo library with the stipulation that the book must look both short and interesting, I saw On Writing and snatched it up. Then I listened to it. It was read by the author which I'm quickly deciding is the best way to listen to a book. I've read two books by Stephen King thus far and this was by far my favorite. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a fan, not because he's not a gifted writer but just because I've only read a couple Stephen King books and I don't think it right to group myself with those who have read Carrie and Misery when I've only read the Eyes of the Dragon and The Gunslinger. I'd say I'm an admirer.

Enough about the man, onto the book. While it's true a large percentage, at least 50% of the book is more memoir on how he became a writer and perhaps more interestingly, how he became Stephen King. That portion was interesting, listening to the man read his work was a delight, but the book truly shown when he finally started giving advice and tips on writing and on writing well.

So many reviewers say the same thing about so many writing books it's almost cliche, but this book I would really say is one of the only ones of its kind you need on your shelf. I've read more books on writing than I care to say (10-15 probably) and this by far was the most helpful and most enjoyable one I've read by far. It's a treat to read and filled with useful insightful information.

If only reading books on writing actually made you better. Guess I have to get back in the habit and start writing again for real!

5 for 5 stars.


Ammon said...

Love him, hate, or be indifferent to him, you can't deny that King is an incredibly prolific writer. I've wanted to read On Writing for a while. Thanks for reminding me to move it up in my reading queue.

Teacher Eli said...

Austin, I loved this book so much that back in college I used to carry it around faithfully in my creepy homemade knapsack. How is it that you missed out on it then?