Oct 12, 2011

First video on Youtube!

At last I feel like I'm contributing to the internet instead of just taking away, I have a video on Youtube!

Having my own blog didn't do it, posting memes on cheezburger didn't do it, even building austinbeckstrom.com didn't do it, youtube is the benchmark, folks.

In my digital imaging class we were assigned to turn @ 30 seconds of audio into a kinetic typography assignment. Is it good? It's decent. Is it mine? Oh, yeah. Is it complete? Heck yes!

For those of you who would rather watch it on vimeo, click here.


Jacob I. McMillan said...

Austin, I don't know how to break this to you, so I'm just gonna say it. ANYbody can have a video on youtube. Even some dumb amateur wannabe journalist/documentarian/filmmaker/renassaince man like me can do it. (LINK: http://jacobimcmillan.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-videos.html) Just sign up for an account, point a camera at something, and watch the views roll in. Or don't.

Anyway, I watched your video. Pretty good work on the typography. Pity you can't delete the studio audience laughter. How long does something like this take?

Austin said...

Hi Jake. I know anybody can have a video on youtube, I was attempting facetiousness. Fail on my part.

Thanks for the compliment though, and yeah, don't have the time or technology to filter out the laughter. All together probably around 10 hours, but that's because I'm new to it. I bet if I did it again it would take half the time and look better.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

I figured you were probably kidding, but decided to risk looking thick anyway. Or maybe I just wanted the excuse to plug my videos. Yeah, I'll go with that.

Watched it again. I like how the word "toilet" slips vertically between the other words like a turd. Nice, didn't catch that at first.

Austin said...

that's my favorite part, he said with no modesty.

np, thanks for watching my back, make sure I don't say anything stupid. well, more than usual.

Charlo said...

I like your BBC DVD audio rip-off. Nice choice.