Jan 30, 2012

Digital Painting - First Foray

As I think I've said, our teacher appears to have refused to teach us anything, so this is self-taught. The assignment was to create an expressive self-portrait, I chose myself as Mr. Potato Head, as one, I have a head shaped somewhat like a potato, and two, I often feel like I can change roles from artist to tech support, from loving husband to selfish gamer, etc. I decided to include the process from start to finish so you can see how I worked, and so I can keep a record of it for my own nefarious purposes.

Let me know what you think but be kind, remember it's my first attempt. :)


Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) said...

Very creative. It looks kind of like Jeff Goldblum.

Charlo said...

I wish I were part cyborg... or, I guess you can't be PART cyborg, can you? you either are or you are not.

Mark Beckstrom said...

Too tan - you are a whiter potato head

Other than the color, I like it

BrItTneEanN said...

Pretty good. I see a great start to many more amazing things!!