Jan 14, 2010

Self Portrait of a Mirror

I know what you're thinking. "Enough with the self portraits already!" but it was an assignment. And I know what you're thinking again. "Suuuuuure, Austin. An ASSIGNment. You just wanted to look at yourself some more." While true, I assure you, it really is an assignment for my Typography class (class schedule update and life update and Morgan updates coming soon!) tell me what you think. The only rule was be creative and use typography creatively. First I wanted to make a 3D model of myself with the text bending and bulging to make my form. Then I was going to use different shade text where my face was, but the web tutorials I found didn't translate, either the tutorial was incorrect, photoshop didn't look like the tutorial, or my face broke the design. So I just used a story I wrote as background, split my face into 4 colors, deleted the 2 middle grays and added a few quotes from stories or poems I wrote that I'm more or less fond of. The quotes are (I know you're dying to know)

Let your Imagination think for itself!

The world is so much more beautiful when you can't see it properly.

I really do think Cupid has a gun by now.


Revenge is a dish best served with parsley.

Dammit this planet has nothing so grand as lying there whispering and clasping your hand.


Austin said...

and it makes me look balder than i am.

HayLee said...

I like it, it looks just like you..with less hair.... I guess. haha