Jan 26, 2010


My first real assignment for digital prepress. We had to design a logo for the SkillsUSA event in Kansas City (the acronym is not S.U.K.C., no matter how much I want it to be). It was actually a pretty fun assignment, design a logo and a t-shirt for the event. I'm proud of it, even though it looks like the work of a retarded child compared to most of the other students, but I still like it and now am forcing you to see it.


Tracie said...

Quit comparing yourself to others. The others most likely have way more experience than you. It's not fair to compare.

I think you're doing awesome! And you'll only continue to get better. Love you. :)

Austin said...

Thanks, sweetie. Love you too. :)

Charlo said...

even crappy shirts are hard to make.... I know that from experience.

at least it isn't a clipart shirt!!!!

Kris said...

Great design Austin. Keep up the great work!