Feb 17, 2010

MY Life Checklist

I had SUCH fun doing that last checklist (and from the suggestion of Charlotte) I will make a checklist of MY life. Some will be copied from the last checklist, so deal with it.

I'll give you a minute.

Some of these things I have already done, but still qualify as life goals or milestones.

1. Go to the temple
2. Go on a mission
3. Be sealed to the greatest woman I've ever met
4. Become a father
5. Go to college
6. Graduate college
7. Be a loving, involved and great father (it's a work in progress)
8. Write several novels
9. See at least one novel I wrote published
10. See a play or screenplay I wrote performed on stage or on a big screen - Thanks, Troy and Jen for helping make that one a reality (Pirates of Madera, for any followers of GlassofRandom.blogspot.com)
11. Go back to Italy (I'd say for the art, but really for the food)
12. Go to France (Paris and Arles are my top choices)
13. Go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (there are other things to see and do in Amsterdam, some of them even legal, but Van Gogh is why I'd go)
14. Win some kind of major award (while an Oscar or Nobel prize would be nice, I'd settle for less, like a leg lamp, for example)
15. Paint a masterpiece
16. Have an exotic pet - Like a Koala bear or Elephant. Or fish.
17. Live in England - There's so much there I want to see, (Castles, museums, Abbey Road, Art, History, Music, Ancestors, etc.) that a visit wouldn't suffice. Plus then I could come back with a fake British accent and sound all pretentious. Like Madonna.
18. See all my kids married in the temple (it doesn't have to be simultaneous, and I'd really prefer it not be to each other)
19. Retire wealthy, and young-ish (50's or 60's)
20. Serve a mission with my sweetheart in our Golden (or Olden) Years
21. Give all my kids memorable, unique names they will love and grow to hate me for as they get older. (Off to a good start)
22. Have my own successful Graphic Design business
23. Write, publish and illustrate several children's books
24. Become an Eagle Scout
25. Learn/Play an instrument - Trumpet and French Horn for real, guitar and piano for pretend
26. Learn a martial art - Aikido and Fencing are on top, Tae Kwon Do and Action Painting are at the bottom.
27. Become a better dancer - I may have one leg, but I can still learn.
28. Build an Awesome sandcastle - Done, but I wanna do better.
29. Shake hands with a prophet - When I was a kid, I met Pres. Hunter, but he wasn't Pres. of the Church yet.
30. Meet Neil Gaiman - the only author I revere who is still alive.
31. Have a huge, messy messy food fight.
32. Ride in a submarine (the ones at Disneyland don't count)
33. Surf
34. Compose a song that can make people cry (from the beauty of it, of course)
35. Prepare a sumptuous feast (debatable if I've done it already, but I mean like French cuisine, 5 course meal kind of feast)
36. Remind Tracie nonverbally every day how much I love her and what she means to me (work in progress)
37. Learn a few good magic tricks - I know a few, but most are either not good or I'm not too good at them.
38. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes - mostly for bragging rights
39. Get in better shape
40. Be happy with my body
41. Teach throughout my life - In callings, in family and at work. I love to teach and would have become a teacher if it didn't mean having as much school as a doctor and having as much money as a hobo. Mostly the school thing tho.
42. Tour a candy factory
43. Program a computer
44. Help as much as a man can deliver a baby - preferably one of my own
45. Write and design a video game- More like Monkey Island, less like Pac Man or Dragon Age (though that too would be awesome)
46. Change someone's life
47. Build a house - tree/club/bird is also acceptable
48. Pet a tiger
49. Have a friend who stays a close friend for over 20 years
50. Write a comic book
51. Own a home theater
52. Buy a brand new car
53. Make and lose a fortune
54. Have a room in my home for painting/ a studio. And use it.
55. Make a difference
56. Make a more specific goal
57. Drive across the country
58. See Paul McCartney perform (I would say the Beatles, but that's not very likely)
59. See Barenaked Ladies live - twice, though, more like BNL once and BN the second time
60. Swim a mile - I doubt it highly, though still more likely than running a marathon.
61. Meet the President - Of the hair club for men. I mean of the United States.
62. Have as few regrets as possible - (right now, only 2 1/2 regrets out of 27 years. 3 1/2 if you count watching "Catch and Release")
63. Watch Citizen Kane without falling asleep
64. Own a treasure chest -not necessarily an authentic, real, old one, but that would be awesome.
65. Own a sword that I don't regret buying - I have several friends who own swords, the only reason I haven't bought one (or the main reason) is that I can't justify buying one without the thought of regret afterwards. I want to, though.
66. Spit off the Hudson Dam - or any other very high surface that doesn't have the possibility of killing someone. Yes, I know it's just a myth about the Empire State building, but I don't want to risk it, would you? I'd hate to be kept out of heaven because I inadvertently killed someone via a flying loogie.
67. Do something illegal but not necessarily immoral - I am open to suggestions.
68. Perform for a full house
69. Be in Comedy Sportz again
70. Dunk a basketball
71. Sculpt a life size marble statue
72. Make a crying person laugh
73. Stay at a high-priced 5 star hotel and splurge
74. Visit Greece
75. Tour the Winchester House
76. Go back to Minnesota and Wisconsin and check up on the people I met and taught on my mission
77. Drive a Ferrari
78. Host a ball or gala
79. Teach my children important life lessons
80. Learn what important life lessons I should teach my children
81. Visit and do a session in 50 temples (If I'm counting right, I've been to 11, done a session at 6)
82. Open a Restaurant
83. Save a life
84. Be the "BEST" at making something, the best hot chocolate, the best grilled cheese sandwiches, the best cookies, something I'm known for making
85. Visit the Holy Land and see where Jesus taught and walked
86. Own a theater - Ok, we're getting in the realm of dreams now, not checklist, back to reality
87. Snowboard down a mountain
88. Never forget the absolute importance of imagination
89. Prove or disprove a theory
90. Meditate with a Guru/Yogi, though it kind of defeats the purpose
91. Attend an Opera
92. Take a picture for National Geographic
93. Write a joke for Reader's Digest
94. Create a delicious recipe
95. Make time for family priority #1 (so far, so good, I think. Some days better than others)
96. Go to the Smithsonian
97. Kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland
98. Read the Bible cover to cover, and the stuff in between too.
99. Always have faith
100. Never stop dreaming


Mark said...

#46 - Change someone's life - I think you can check that one off - any time you share the gospel with someone else, it changes their life (especially if they embrace the gospel); you have certainly changed my life (for the better, in case you were wondering), and you have certainly changed Tracie's (you have to ask her if it's for the better)

Charlo said...

See, that one was so much more exciting (AKA ABOUT YOU).

I wish I had Monkey Island. My brother had it once and I watched him play. I learned the word Dapper from Monkey Island.