Nov 3, 2010

Better Already

Some of you may know, we recently started a new fitness program. Some of you may be on the same program.

Basically, instead of "lose weight fast" this is more geared towards living more healthily, healthier, healthy living.

You get points every day for doing something. For example, 20 points for exercise, 10 points for avoiding fast food and junk food, 5 points for eating fruits and veggies everyday, etc.

It started on Monday and it's amazing how much better I already feel. I've always said it's better to be healthy than skinny. As I've gained weight, I've said it more frequently. But now that I'm working towards living healthy instead of "well, I only bought one double cheeseburger instead of three, so that's like healthy right there! I'm not gaining weight, so it's okay to have the supersized shake." etc.

Now that I'm refraining from fast food and garbage food, drinking more water than none in a day (64 ounces and counting), getting exercise and all that fun stuff, I am amazed at the energy I already have! And I'm 50 pounds lighter than yesterday! Ok, that last one isn't true, but I feel great and encourage you if you're not happy with your health to give it a try!


Laurie said...

Sounds interesting, I hope it works out good for you.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Cool. I just play basketball once a week (except on the first Tuesday of each month) and occasionally take a long walk as an attempt to stay in shape. I have a hard time forcing myself to get any exercise unless it's while doing something that makes me forget I'm exercising, like playing a sport or riding a bike. Working out for its own sake makes me feel silly.

I'm not watching my diet at all and I probably should be.

Mark said...

Your arms look so buff in that picture

HailerStar said...

So, if you get points for things, what do you get to use the points FOR? (And who assess what point value to put on things?)

Ammon said...

Good for you bro. I'm on a WW kick right now (if it's good enough for Jennifer Hudson then, by golly, it's good enough for me!). So far so good. I guess, I've just learned that it's gotta be a lifestyle change (eating healthy + exercise) and not a diet.

Charlo said...

I have some pilates videos I'll let you borrow if you get bored with yours.

Austin said...

Laurie- Me too, thanks.

Jacob- I wish I could still play basketball, but I don't think it's wise to play much sports with a metal hip and knee.

Dad- Thanks, though I must admit, the picture has been photoshopped. I had to make my muscles smaller to be more believable.

Heather- Supposedly we'll have some reward at the end, though at the moment it seems like we're competing for bragging rights.

Ammon- Exactly. I need to start this diet or program to help me shift my pov into a lifestyle change, not a temporary thing.

Charlotte- I'll let you know, but the videos won't do much good til we get a new tv. Thanks. :D