Nov 1, 2010

Goodbye October, Hello November

October 2010, or 10-10 is gone.

That month I didn't manage to read anything not assigned to me, I am 25 pages short of my goal in my sketchbook, I turned out some great drawings in the 75 pages I did do, though. I ate a lot of candy, although I blame the lazy kids for that, no one came to our house trick-or-treating yesterday or Saturday. October was the month where winter showed it's cold cold head, it snowed the one night I didn't park the car in its new carport/covered parking area thing, although Morgan did a whole bunch of cute stuff, I'm getting closer to being able to put my own socks on again, we're starting a new exercise program on Tracie's side of the family, and I find myself wishing it was 2011 already.

November I hope to do almost double the drawings I did in September and October, I am forsaking NaNoWriMo for that reason, I expect to see more snow and less reasons to get away with wearing sandals. On a more time wasting note, I plan to buy a new TV, finish watching "Pushing Daisies," and find a new show that was canceled way too soon to get obsessed with. My oldest brother will turn (I'll let him tell you if he chooses to), I hope we'll be able to go to Texas to celebrate Thanksgiving. This month it will be my 1 year anniversary at Security Metrics. I'll be one month closer to the end of the semester which means that much closer to graduating. If I have time, I'll work on the project I'm excited about but don't feel like sharing in case I don't have time to do it. Until then, goodbye, October, bring on the November!


Cheryl said...

Veronica Mars. It's the best. And canceled WAY too soon! In my opinion. :)
BTW, your drawings are awesome!

Austin said...

I'll have to check it out. Netflix keeps suggesting it over and over again. I have a thing about Kristen Bell that I can't stand her, but I've only seen her in 1 movie and on tv, so maybe I'll give the show a try. And thanks for saying my drawings are awesome, it makes me feel great! ;)

Mark said...

We have season 1 and 2 of Veronica Mars

It would be great to see you and Tracie and Morgan in Houston for Thanksgiving

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

Check out the Firefly Episodes from Netflix. They have about 25 episodes, then the show canceled. There were a lot of upset fans. They made a movie called Serenity to give the episodes a bit of closure. Do not watch Serenity until you see all the Firefly episodes. Ryan and I loved the shows, laughing our heads off, and getting into the excitement and danger thrills of the show.

Keep up on the drawing.

Ammon said...

I love me some November! But, the best things always come closer to December and not October--Thanksgiving, my B-day, etc.