Oct 31, 2010



We are pleased to inform you that we have accepted your piece "Origin Of A Crazy Cat Lady" for publication in the fall 2010 issue of Touchstones. We would like to invite you to attend My Word, the Touchstones release party, where you may receive your complimentary copy of this issue. My Word is at 7 pm on November 30 in the UVU Student Center, rooms 206 a & b. Congratulations.


Website: research.uvu.edu/touchstones


Mark said...

Congratulations! Where can we read about this Cat Lady of whom you speak?

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

Way cool! Do you know Catwoman?

Austin said...

Dad-Thanks! on Glass of Random. It's linked in the blog entry.

Heather- Thank you! I do, and she told me she is not going to be in the next Batman movie. Or was that the Riddler?

Jacob I. McMillan said...

So THAT's what an acceptance letter looks like. Nice job, brother man.

Ammon said...

Acceptance letters, eh? Yeah, I seen one a dems once. Like dat time I wrote about Trogdor the Dragon with his beefy arms and all. He was burninating the peasants . . . it was the most inspirational thing I've never written.

Charlo said...

They were like, YEAH! someone wrote a story that wasn't about vampires! (and it was good, I'm certain).

Shelly said...

Dude! Its been too long since we've seen you guys. Congratulations! A release party - THAT is pretty freaking cool. I know I'm late reading your posts and all, but I'm not sure why the Seductress one didn't make it, either. I honestly thought it was really creative and well written. But yay! for Crazy Cat Lady! I haven't even tried to get anything published for . . . oh that's depressing.