Oct 5, 2010

Picdump 204- with comments!

The Awesomeness can hardly be contained.
check out the left hand. he killed my father!
Thank you, random person. This has been bugging me forever.
jesse eisenberg is the poor man's michael cera.
As true as it gets.

The princesses when no one's looking.
or when no one cares.
The world itself couldn't contain their combined awesome for too long.
especially when one is a bisexual and another an alleged pedophile.
Now you know.
-what the other half of the battle is.
Star Trek doesn't need J.J. to be awesome, it just needs Joss.
the first time I want to watch star trek.
I am so going to get this t-shirt.
what? i am.
I will not get this shirt.

Despite the fact that I probably needed this explained to me, it's funny, trust me.
and Big Bang Theory, not so much.


HailerStar said...

I think I'm in love with the Firefly/Star Trek one ... (I heart Joss)

Mark said...

My Dad is left-handed, and so is one of my sons and actually I think that Alex is naturally left-handed since he know mostly eats and writes with his left hand - I figure that when he was younger teachers made him write right-handed, but now he has reverted to what is comfortable for him and he likes to tell people that he is ambidextrous
Cool pix
I like the princesses

Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) said...

I must have the firefly poster. Fantastic. Also, the Schrodinger's cat is pretty funny, but I only know why because of Sheldon Cooper.

Ammon said...

It's probably a good idea to not party with either Michael or Freddie.

Austin said...

Ammon-Unless you like zombies.

Amanda-Glad someone got it, and though I haven't seen much of that show, I know at least that it has done some good in attempting to explain Quantum Mechanics.

Dad- Left handers rule. Sorry, but we do. Except we don't, because the world is made for right handers. I didn't know Alex used his left hand for anything, way to go Alex.

Hailer- Me too.

Charlo said...

red lasers are 1/4th the battle. Why isn't that an idiom?

And your yellow text isn't as sneaky as you think, because I started using google reader, which has a white background. Still, props for cleverness.

Austin said...

It wasn't meant to be sneaky, just an added bonus for the persistent, the observant, and those who use google reader.

And red lasers being 1/4 of the battle isn't an idiom because then blue lasers would throw a fit about racism. It's all about color.