Oct 25, 2010

The Halloween Twist

My latest Illustration assignment was a creative self-portrait with a Halloween twist. After a few (20 or so) preliminary sketches/thumbnails, I thought of the pumpkin shaped trick-or-treat bucket, and thought what if my head was the pumpkin, and the bucket was my head? That idea eventually became a skeleton in a big spiderweb/muscle-looking cape holding my head with candy in it. And the pumpkin is filled with eyeballs. Hope you enjoy it, it's probably my favorite drawing I've done in awhile.


Mark said...

it looks just like you (with your head full of candy):

Andrew says "very amusing"

Wendy McMillan said...

That's cool and Halloween should be 6 months long.

Charlo said...

requesting face-o-lanterns on a doorstep.

Austin said...

Charlotte- You can't request that. If you want face-o'lanterns on your doorstep, you'll have to get them yourself.

Wendy- I'm not so sure about that, 2 or 3 months yes, 6 months is pushing it. Mostly because that means Christmas would be pushed back. ;)

Dad- That's what I was going for, thanks, and tell Andrew "very thank you." and go to bed. ;)

Ammon said...

Freaky. I like the head bucket.