Oct 11, 2010

Call it a "Hunch"

What hump? In addition to walking with a limp, over the last 2 days I'm developing a hump. (Not really, let me continue.)

The 3D Design class make-up project I'm doing involves a lot of bending and leaning over. This wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I spent about 3 hours yesterday leaning over, trying to turn cardstock and hot glue into an angular lemon. That's not a euphemism, (though, to conjure up Dave Barry, Angular Lemon would be a pretty sweet name for a rock band) it's what the assignment actually is. Turn a fruit or vegetable into a planar sculpture. I'm less than half way done, and might just take half the grade for half the lemon.

Because when I tried standing up, I found that I couldn't. My back is questioning why I would be so cruel do it, and to show its disgust is now causing me to post like a question mark. My brother-in-law Taylor cracked my back and aligned about 27 of my vertebra, (vertebrae? vertebray? vertabooraheyohah? I can never tell.) but I still felt a lot of pain. I've been in pain before (shocking, I know) and I thought a good night's sleep was all I needed.

It wasn't. As this morning it took me about 15 minutes to get out of bed, which is a lot. About 13 1/2 minutes longer than usual. And I don't mean 15 minutes of hitting snooze. I mean 15 minutes rocking, jumping, twisting and kicking to stand up. Once I had finally stood up, it took me longer to remain standing.

I'm now at work, cane in hand, painkillers in body and heat pack on back, in not quite enough pain to justify going home to lie down, but enough pain to be a bit of a grouch. Okay, a huge grouch. On a pain scale of 1-10, with 8 being enough to go home, I'm about 7 1/2. So I'm hoping to either get worse so I can go home and rest, or get better so I won't be worried about tearing any heads off, any more anyway.


Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

it's time to start doing stretching exercises everyday. the less we work out, the more prone we are to injuries for simply just doing housework or homework. trust me, i know what I am talking about. :o)

Hope you feel better soon.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

This post should've been called "My Humps". Points off.

Are you gonna go see the doctor about this?

Charlo said...

You need to sit with a higher desk.

Austin said...

Heather- I know, I know. Thanks, I hope I feel better too.

Jacob- If I called it "My Humps," someone would have asked about my lovely lady lumps, and I don't think I could handle that. And no, no doctor unless it subsists or gets worse.

Charlo- I need a better chair at work, that's for sure.

Mark said...

What hump?

Cheryl said...

First thing is no heat, ice pack. For 15-20 minutes, every hour. Ibuprophen, or something like that to take the swelling down. And when you sleep, put a pillow under your knees when you are on your back and put it between your legs if you sleep on your side.
Just a few things I've learned the last couple years with my back issues. Also, if it gets to the point that it's not getting better, go to the chiropractor.
Hope you feel better soon.

Austin said...

Cheryl, thanks for the advice, I've been sleeping with a pillow either under or between my knees ever since my surgery.

It's feeling better now and I think I'm just gonna use my cane more, much to my mom's and Tracie's joy.