Sep 2, 2011

First Week of Penultimate Fall Semester- Done

I had my last class of the week, and for my sake, for posterity's sake, the sake of anyone caring or bored enough to know, here's my feelings about it.

Art History has always been one of my favorite subjects, and I can tell I am going to like this teacher a lot. She really knows her stuff and though I disagree with at least one thing with her so far, she's fun and smart and I am really enjoying the class while doing my best not to usurp all the class comments for myself.

Color Theory is not what I had expected, so far we've painted a color wheel like we're in Elementary school and what's worse, the teacher I thought would be teaching it won't be for a few more weeks. The later assignments look like they may be fun, but right now they're teaching us about mixing paints, something I learned about 12 years ago.

Interactive Design 2 is not more web programming, it's an After Effects class. So far we've animated a circle and square. The teacher is a lot of fun, possibly my favorite so far, and it may be a pretty fun class. Plus I have the most friends in it from previous classes, so that helps too.

Typography 2 has been good, I really do like Typography even though I'm no typographer, the teacher seems good and our first assignment is to create a type style with an object, I'm going to use an onion, pictures forthcoming once I do it. I'm also brainstorming for the next assignment: a book cover.

Finally Art Lectures, the one hour class of either excitement or boredom, it's never anywhere in between. The bad news is I'm watching it with about 100 other students off campus on a projector, the good news is we don't have to write any response papers, attendance is 100% of the grade. I've never heard of any of the speakers this semester except one, Jessica Hische. Whether you're into typography or not, she's awesome.

On non-school related news but just news of this week, I interviewed for a job in the Operations/IT Department at my company and did not get it, they cited my school schedule as a chief reason why I didn't get it, I just think they couldn't handle the unbridled awesomeness of Austin, and they said yes, that was also a factor. Apparently some of them didn't like my resume either.
It was good to interview for it though it will be a long time before I choose to be interviewed again unless of course I get fired. But as my manager has said more than once, if I haven't been fired yet, I'll probably never get fired here. That's comforting.

Tracie and Morgan have been sick for the past several days, I've been borderline sick but never quite crossed it, now it looks like it's going away.

I've redecorated my desk at work, it's been completely bare since we've moved to the new building.

It's Friday, what more need be said? Hope your week went well as well and your weekend is safe and three-days like mine.


Jacob I. McMillan said...

I took an art history class when I was 21. All we did was sit in a dark room and watch slide shows (on an old-fashioned slide projector, not this newfangled Powerpoint crap). It was awesome. I still failed, though.

I know what you mean about monopolizing the comments section. But oftentimes in my classes nobody would ever say anything, so I'd feel a sense of urgency.

The rest of your post is tl;dr. Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

Charlo said...

I think the rule of thumb is that real-life job applicable skills should outnumber sarcastic skills on a resume. That aside, It is better than a lot of crap.

I'm having envy right now. I want to take typography classes.

Ammon said...

Is that really the resume you turned in for the position?

I was gonna say something about your resume, but I'll merely echo Charlotte's sentiments.

Other than that--good luck on your second to last ever fall semester.