Nov 18, 2011

Trying to reclaim Youth, or just expanding my sphere?

Back in March I wrote a post about Getting Older. The gist was if you don't remember or didn't read it was I no longer felt young, not because I'm bald, have a metal hip, am losing my memory and think the music is too loud and teenagers drive too fast, but because I don't understand the concept of twitter or why lady gaga is so popular.

Since that time I've expanded my horizons a bit, set up an account on twitter and have listened to more lady gaga music than the overly repetitive "Just Dance."

Here are my opinions. Twitter? Somewhat pointless, my facebook status is still where I post my clever opinions and ideas and updates on what I'm doing or thinking. But it is cool in that I can read what some of my favorite personalities and celebrities are thinking or up to, such as Conan O'Brien, Neil Gaiman, and Jessica Hische. It was actually Jessica Hische who suggested I start tweeting. Not to me personally, but she came to our school and gave a lecture (one of two useful lectures this semester) and among other things, said twitter is a great tool for a designer or anyone wanting to be known. She also built the website: explaining how twitter works.

Lady Gaga? She makes catchy music and dresses like a moron, but it's her way of expressing herself, and the source of a great Weird Al video. (is there any other kind?)

Now that I've overcome 2 things I just didn't "get" my next goal is to try to understand the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movement. I'll let you know once I understand them. Hope to be back soon.


Wendy McMillan said...

Basically the OWS movement can mean whatever you want it to, as long as you understand all the different hand gestures. Maybe watch some recent Colbert episodes where he infiltrates the NYC protesters undercover and tries unsuccessfully to get them to sell out by promoting his message that corporations are people.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Twitter is actually way more fun than facebook if you follow the right people. It's basically the world's best link-dumping site.

Lady Gaga has some songs that I like ("Edge of Glory" is my favorite) but overall she's just Madonna for a culture with no long-term memory.

You'll understand OWS after you graduate college and spend the next 8 years either out of a job or struggling to hold on to the job you hate.

I don't know who Jessica Hische is.

Ammon said...

Want to get an old curmudgeon's take on OWS? See what Frank Miller (yes, Batman the Dark Knight's Frank Miller) has to say on the subject on his blog here.

Austin said...

Did you read some of the comments on FM's blog, Am?