Nov 18, 2011

Approaching the End... 1 year left

I have less than a month left of my penultimate fall semester of college. It's been a good semester, but crazy. Big thanks to my work for letting me work such an odd schedule and to Tracie for letting me get my homework done, basically allowing me to come home and spend the evening at the computer.

My final assignments are things I'm looking forward to, but the work is going to be a bit much.

For Art History I have to study for a final and create a theoretical museum exhibit. Mine will be on Viewer interaction in Modern Art. It should be fun, but I've got a lot of work to do and it's due in only 2 weeks.

For Interactive Design, I'll be making another kinetic type video as that has been by far my favorite assignment, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time to get it done, as we'll only be meeting a few more times and I don't have After Effects at home, so the limited time at school I have will have to be enough.

Color Theory we're going to end the class with a bunch of color studies, trying to make 2 colors appear as the same color and the same color appear as 2 different colors, making objects appear transparent through color, etc. It doesn't sound very fun, but it's been a good class and I expect it to be very exciting, a testament to the awesomeness of the teacher.

Typography as you may have noticed I'll be working on a magazine, I have to have a new cover and 2 spreads done by the end of the semester, which should be fun. Lots of work, but fun.

That's about it for the semester, here's what I've got in the works for next semester:
- Graphic Design I - which I'm most looking forward to and have tried to get in for awhile now.
- Digital Painting - which I'm also looking forward to though not as much.
- History of Graphic Design, this will be the first Art History class that I may actually have to study for.
- Last Semester of Art Lectures, halle-freakin-lujah.
- Drawing II which I may drop if I can get an internship.
-Advanced Layout- Presently on the waitlist, we'll see.

And that's Austin's school. Let's see what else is going on in his merry little life:

For NaNoWriMo I got to 15,000 words and finished the story. Plus since I've got so much school, it looks to be another NaNoWriMo I'm not going to win this year. Maybe once I graduate.

that's not all but it's all for now, work is done and I wanna go home!


Wendy McMillan said...

I read this yesterday then last night I had nightmares about being back in school which in and of itself is not that bad but I was working on like 3 artsy fartsy group projects simultaneously and ugh that is not my thing. Good luck to you though!

Ammon said...

Looks like you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. You're getting closer, Bro. Hang in there.

I had a school related nightmare a few days back as well. I dreamed that somehow I had just remembered that I'd never passed one of my last classes and didn’t never graduated and would have to go back to school.

Even in my dream I knew it wasn't true. It still gave me a scare and when I awoke I had to reassure myself that I really did graduate.

Austin said...

Sorry if my blog is causing anyone nightmares, the new header is only temporary, I promise.