Aug 29, 2012

Final Fall

This is my last fall semester in college. I took the summer off, and was actually eager to get back to school, despite the fact that I don't come home until 8 or 9 pm 3 days out of the week.

Here's my list of classes and my opinions on the class and instructor:

Graphic Design 2: The only class so far I've been to twice. Also the only class where I've had the instructor before. I like him a lot, he's funny though at times a bit tightly wound but great at helping us realize our potential and put forth our best work.

Senior Seminar: I thought it would be another lecture class, and fortunately such is not the case. It seems like we'll largely focus on what to do when we graduate, so we'll have projects like: creating a new portfolio website, refining our current portfolio, meeting with a graphic designer and interviewing them and having them critique your portfolio, actually doing a freelance job, etc. I like the teacher so far and expect to get a lot out of this class.

Advanced Typography & Layout: Possibly the class I was most looking forward to as I greatly enjoy Typography & Layout but also feel it's the area I need to most improve. The teacher is very smart and helpful and fun and in the running for favorite teacher of the semester. I've only been once so we'll see how it goes.

Art History: Renaissance: I needed another Art History class, this one won because 1) It meets only once a week and 2) It concerns one of my favorite periods in Art History that I feel most knowledgeable about, after Impressionism/Post-Impressionism. I'm headed there in about half an hour as of this writing so I can't say much about the teacher as I haven't met them yet.

Intro to Museum Study: As UVU has recently severely limited the choices I have in the classes I can take to graduate, this was another I chose because I'm slightly more than marginally interested in the subject and it also only meets once a week. That class is on Friday so again, I'll keep updated on what I think of the class and teacher in an upcoming post.

Those are all my classes, however I've also endeavored to undertake the position of Technical Editor for Touchstones, the UVU Literary Journal. So far I've done about 3 posters for them advertising their opening social, I expect to spend a lot more time at the end of the semester working on its layout and copyediting and things, which should be time consuming but fun, or at least another line of experience to add to my still tiny resume.

That's my fall semester, with that and working @ 30 hours a week, I expect to drink lots of caffeine and have at least 1 fit and tantrum before the end of it, but the end really is finally in sight!


I've had Art History and Museum Study twice now. I like the Art History teacher, she seems to know her stuff and I don't. I've made several statements and observations that she and once the class disagreed with, but she didn't try to make me feel stupid, which I was grateful for, as I often do that well enough on my own.

Museum Study I think will be the most boring class and I'm kicking myself a bit with "what was I thinking!?" But hopefully it won't require much of me, the teacher is nice and very knowledgeable and looks a lot like Jane Adams.


Ammon said...

Good luck! Hopefully, you'll enjoy at least half your classes.

Wendy McMillan said...

You can do it! I don't know HOW you do it because I lost all my motivation in my final semester just by dating Jacob. I wasn't even married with a kid yet. It reminds of something someone said in Star Wars..."Almost there. Almost there."