Aug 29, 2012

Last Hurrah and First Hooray in a Hurry

Now comes the part where I remark how "bad" I've been about blogging, or the lack thereof. I've been debating whether to continue blogging or to just stop. I think eventually I'm going to make my own website I'm happy with and have a blog or journal there. In the meantime, Austintatious will remain.

My brother-in-law is serving a mission, and I try to write to him every week. It's good to keep up with him and get to see how he's growing and progressing and helping others while in God's service. On the downside, at least the miniscule-by-comparison blog side, it means I write all my news and thoughts to HIM each week, instead of on me blog. Still, things keep happening and I would like to post it on my blog because I'm still here, it's still here, we might as well get together once in awhile.

The Last Hurrah

We had a fairly uneventful summer, though Tracie and I were severely worried about BOTH of our jobs/job security for a chunk of it, all is currently well on that front. Mr. Moby continues to grow up and be cute, his language is still improving but still about a year behind where he "should" be.

Before school started we went on a "stay-cation," meaning we stayed at home but took time off work and did fun things in Utah.

Last Wednesday we went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum, which was a lot more fun than I expected. Morgan enjoyed it but was a bit apprehensive about all the giant fossils and statues, as he did not wish to get out of his stoller, except when we went to the dinosaur digging display, then he just couldn't get enough. We had a minor worry that we lost an iPhone, but it turned out to be back at home.

Thursday we went to the Salt Lake Aquarium, which, although it's a converted grocery store, was a lot of fun and really cool. It was very impressive what they were able to do with it, and a lot of fun. My favorite part was the otters. Tracie will have to tell you her favorite part, but Morgan's favorite was the miniature coral reef, complete with clownfish and blue tang (Dory). He kept shouting "NEMO! NEMO!!" Which was adorable. At the gift shop we bought a stuffed clownfish for Moby. Normally when we look at toys at the store he plays with it briefly and then says "all done!" But not this. When we tried to take it away he gave a stern "NO!" and kept giving the fish kisses. We also went to the chocolate shop across the street from the Aquarium and it was so good we may go back to the aquarium soon just for a chance to go to the confectionery again. The best thing imho was the honeycomb, which they for some reason call "seafoam." After that we went to visit my grandparents which was nice, they're some of the coolest and nicest people ever (wish a bit more of it rubbed off on me) and we had a nice visit with them.

Friday we were planning on going to the SCERA pools, 7 Peaks or Veteran's Pool but because school is started/has started they were closed or at least had their hours reduced, so we mostly lazed around, did some light cleaning and had some family over for dinner.

Saturday was similar to Friday, mostly lazy relaxation, we thought about going to the Lehi Rec Center pool, but that was closed as well, so we just went to our community pool. Morgan is a very good swimmer as long as he has his floaties on he can paddle and kick, though he mostly wiggles his body and pedals his legs like he's running under water, I'm still impressed. The only bad part about him taking to swimming like a fish (and I'm proud to say, like his daddy) is he used to hug me the whole time we were in the pool, now he can't wait to get away from me so he can swim. Oh well. Still love that guy.

That was our Stay-cation, now on to school, next post incoming once I write it!

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Ammon said...

It's always good to take a break and get away from the day-to-day grind. Even if it's local.

Glad y'all had fun!