Dec 21, 2012

2012: A Recap

It's been a wild and crazy year. My son fell out of a window and was all right, I turned 30 and it was all right, I got to/am getting to the point where I feel like a professional graphic designer, I found out I wouldn't be graduating in December, UVU made it their mission to let me know how little they think of me, I cried, I laughed, I loved, I learned, I lost a dance competition. And I now have a pinterest account.

The world hasn't ended yet, I thought it would have been funny if it had. I'm looking forward to people prophesying the next doomsday soon. Perhaps the coming of Smarch, or Casual Fribsday.

We kept the same president of the last 4 years, a sad individual slaughtered children and showed us the evil humanity can produce, but the teachers there showed us the greatness and heroism humanity can achieve.

I have/had 2 internships where I learned more than I have in most of my classes at school, and currently have hope that I may just yet have a job as a graphic designer someday. And I digitally painted an awesome toy pirate.

We made some awesome new friends, lost a few others to varying degrees of sadness, and managed to keep in touch with perhaps the most awesome of all. I also wore purple pants to church once.

I had the craziest semester of school ever and am stupidly setting myself up to have an even crazier one next semester. I'm sure you're sick of reading it, my one of one readers, but Fall of 2012 I took five classes, worked @ 30 hours a week, was the technical editor/graphic designer for the school literary journal, designed 30+ book covers in November, as still managed to be a husband and father. (How successful I was in the last 2 categories, you'll have to read Tracie's and/or Morgan's blog).

I created a facebook page for my graphic design business, a linkedin profile, I tweeted, blogged 24 times (my smallest # ever in the 6 years I've had this blog), and have a new portfolio website. Also, pinterest.

I finally finished 2 TV shows I started years ago. I finally saw the last season of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (spoiler: it's awesome) and after like 10 years I finished the last season of Felicity (spoiler: it's dated and not as good as I remembered.)

I learned a lot though not where or what I always thought I would, I grew and saw my boy grow up and use the potty but still prefer to be changed (wouldn't we all), spent too much money, didn't exercise, read very little recreational-wise, and went to church more than the year before, but not by much. And my leg still hurts.

I'm looking forward to 2013. Not ready to post or think about my new year resolutions just yet, except for the big one. FRACKING GRADUATE FINALLY!!!!


Ammon said...

That all happened in one year! You've lived a lifetime in 12 months. Hopefully, 2013 will slow down some so you can enjoy life.

Charlo said...

Wait... you wore purple pants to church, and yet you led with "my son fell out of a window?" Do you know nothing about hooks?

Austin said...

I think it's fairly clear that I do not.