Dec 17, 2012

Subterranean Schoolsick Blues

 My last semester starts in 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to it, and dreading it. Though not for the reasons you'd expect.

I made the decision earlier this year not to attempt to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts. One of the main reasons was it would add at least another semester to my schooling, and not only have I been going to UVU since 2006, but I've come to realize that they're not teaching me a lot of what I need to learn to be a success at that school, and so it's better that I get out and try to get a real job asap.

I need 2 classes to graduate, both upper level electives in the art department. Despite there being openings in several classes I'd like to take, I've been limited to take Illustration or Art History classes only. So next semester I'll be taking Flash Animation and Contemporary Art History, or Art History of the last 50 or so years. Not that useful to a graphic designer, but just wait. It gets better.

Because of my Pell grant, I actually need to take 4 classes or 12 credits, so there are 2 additional classes I need to take. Now, as stated, the Art Department generally and the Graphic Design wing specifically is not overly in love with Austin. I've requested several exceptions for me to be able to take upper level design classes and been denied. So, I've decided to take a Marketing class, and a Literature class. I'm looking forward to all of them, and am trying not to be bitter that elitist jerkwads are preventing me from taking classes that might actually benefit me, but then, I'm probably giving them too much credit.

Not to be bitter, but, what the hell. I'll be bitter.

One problem however is there's a writing class I'm also signed up for. I'm worried about having 15 credits as well as 2 part time jobs and a family to see. But I want to take them all. Part of me thinks I should drop the Literature class, part the Marketing, and part the Writing. (Another part wants to drop the art classes, but the biggest part of me needs to graduate and get out get out get out).

So the plan now is to take the classes for a week, see if I feel like they all will be manageable and advantageous to me, if not I'll drop one of the suckers like they're hot.

I don't think I've officially announced it on the old blog yet, but I did in fact get a paying internship at UVU's Woodbury School of Business Marketing Department. So when I say UVU isn't teaching me what I need to know and I need to get a job somewhere else, that somewhere else turned out to be UVU. However, as far as I can tell the WSoB has no interaction with the Art Dept, so I may actually learn a thing or 2 there yet.

That's all I got for now, thanks for reading, if you are, and remember: no tv and no beer make Homer something something.


Jabe said...

Go crazy?

Don't mind if I do!

Ammon said...

Congrats on the new gig! I can't wait to see what you come up with for ol' UVU.

Charlo said...

Just because your pell grant requires you take 4 classes doesn't mean it requires you to pass 4 classes... just sayin'.