Nov 17, 2008

Christmas comes Earlier every year

Not that I'm complaining.

I've been listening to Christmas music on the radio and on iTunes for about a week and a half now, and it just makes me more festive, more jolly, and more able to deal with the fact that it gets dark before I leave work now.

I keep trying to convince Tracie to let me decorate the apartment with holly and mistletoe and our tree and everything else in the cinnamon-scented box in storage, but she still won't let me, saying she just set up fall decorations. Oh well.

I've started Christmas shopping already, Tracie and I are finally getting to the age where there's not much out that we want for Christmas. Maybe that's why people have kids, so they can go nuts with holiday spending again.

On Saturday we went to Mervyns, as that store is going out of business and apparently they have wicked specials, but somehow not nearly as cheap as I'd think from a store going out of business. We probably should have gone last week, since the store looked like it had literally been looted. There were bags and boxes EVERYWHERE, clothes missing, on the floor, since all sales are final, employees don't seem to care about the cleanliness of the store anymore. We got a few things for us, but the big purchase (and the majority of my Christmas gifts from Tracie) was... a new suit!

I think my last suit died before I started a blog, maybe 2 years or so ago I had a great new suit my parents got me after my mission that I ruined when I slipped on the ice and landed in a puddle of gasoline. The suit never recovered, I did eventually.

It's a gray suit, complete with a new tie (Tracie HATES all my ties) and belt, and I must say, for the price we paid for it, I look like $1,000,001 bucks! I'll have to post a picture of me, though I'm usually against posting pics of me. You see, I'm not nearly as vain as you might think. But I'm much lazier than you think.

We've also bought a new bookcase, so most of our Christmas shopping for each other is done! Now we just have to enjoy our cocoa and Christmas music while the weather gets colder. Until we go to Texas and have a Christmas at about 80°!


lynette said...

but it will be a 80 degree christmas with US!

JanB said...

Well, I hope the new suit fares better than the old one.

Heather said...

Try bugging Tracie shortly after Thanksgiving dinner to set up Christmas. I know some people who do that for their yearly traditions.

Sucks how you leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark. I still remember that. Days would go by before I saw the sunshine.

Mervyn's? Why didn't you say so earlier!?! Ryan and I are almost done Christmas shopping. We loved how we did everything online last year and finished before Thanksgiving. (only if it had free shipping) You would be surprised what you could find on Ebay for less plus free S/H.

And finally don't forget that Tucson is warm at Christmas too!

Kris said...

Enjoy the new suit. Looking forward to see what a million and one bucks looks like on a person.

Charlo said...

mervyns has suits?

I kept thinking about stopping at ours, but then I was like "40-60 percent off? You do that all the time."

and now that I know they've been looted I'm less likely to stop.

The key to Christmas desires, is depriving yourself of all manner of toys year long. Since my birthday, I've only gotten myself one cd... no gadgets, no clothes... well, I guess I got a new computer and software, but that computer is for work (sometimes) and has already gotten me through one raise with one to come in January, so I count that as "I got a computer instead of paying gas to get to work 600+ miles away.

Charlo said...

I feel guilty for lying, I just realized I've bought two shirts since then... but I got them with store credit, so there.