Nov 5, 2008

Snow! NOOO!!! and other quandaries

It's snowing again already! Didn't we just start Spring? Sigh.

Now is the winter of my discontent. Now is the discontent of my winter. Well, at least it waited until November this year to start snowing. Now Utah will be whiter than ever, even though we just elected our first half-black president.

I didn't vote this year, (sorry) but my reasoning was I didn't want to regret my decision. I'd be blamed either way for who I voted for or didn't vote for, but mostly, I forgot to register and didn't want to go down to the city office after the deadline.

I didn't especially want either candidate to win, but, with the outcome the way it was, it will be nice to hear Democrats blamed for things again for once. My only regret is that, since McCain didn't win, that means that Susan Surandon, Michael Stipe, Stephen Baldwin, Seal, and a bunch of other idiots I don't care about aren't leaving the country. Oh well.

Does this mean people in America are less racist and more sexist than we thought? Or just more anti-Republican than we knew? Hm.

Hey, it's stopped snowing for now, that's good.

My classes are going well, I think. We've had fall breaks and teachers going out of town and missed classes, but I'm enjoying them as good as I can. I think I said before this is not going to be a fun semester, but a necessary one. I'm already planning for next semester, though my big excitement for now is in a month and a half we'll be in TEXAS for Christmas and will get to see Ammon & Lynette and family from Singapore, who I haven't seen in years, and my parents and younger brothers, and other family coming to visit as well. I don't care if I've been good or bad this year or how Santa Claus treats me, but I AM excited to see so many Beckstroms this year!

My NaNoWriMo novel is off to a rocky start, so far I've thrown up only about 2000 words of passive verbs and cliche, (kind of like my blog) but I'm still committed, and I hope to start enjoying my book soon. If it keeps going the way it's going, I'm not sure I'm ever going to outline again. It takes a lot of the fun out of writing. Poor me.

We had a very happy Halloween, but Tracie called writing the first post about it, so I'll just say we had fun and put some heat under Tracie to get it written. :)

Also, this week is our book club's first book review meeting, we've read "The Metamorphosis" and will discuss its meaning, its author's intention, and decide once and for all what it really means to be "Kafkaesque."

That's about all I gots to say for now, not looking forward to the snow, but I guess I am looking forward to cocoa season, Christmas music and family memories to remember and make.


Charlo said...

I never write an essay without an outline. I don't like writing something and then having to move it all around. I think that is why I have never tried to right a book. The thought of outlining a novel is just incredibly daunting.

And the thought of making an editor fix all my spelling mistakes and lazy grammar is just embarrassing.

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Austin, are you writing a book? That is awesome! And don't forget about Brett and me this Christmas, we want to see you too! Just like the old days.

Heather said...

Loved the political satire and comments. Truly something to really think about and embrace how we REALLY feel.

I had to do a provisional ballot. I forgot to update my change of address when I moved 18 months ago. Ticked me off when I saw my husband's name but not mine on the voters "roll book"

Heather said...

AND send some of that snow down my way!

JanB said...

Well, if Tracie is going to post about your Halloween, then she should DO IT! (I've memorized what "Tracie needs".)
I'd say that the first one to post gets to post.

Just imagine, you won't have to have a white Christmas! How long will you be down there?

Austin said...

i'm ok with no white christmas, as I grew up with green and brown ones.

We'll be there from the 20th to the 28th.