Nov 10, 2008

Update Nanowrimo 2008

So my novel has been going along horribly. It's so boring I have to force myself to write every word. Then in my writing class we had to go somewhere on campus and write what we saw. And for the first time all month I enjoyed writing. I really like my story, but I don't like writing it. So I'm putting it on hold and again going back to what I love and what I think I'm good at: fantasy and humor.

I'll be writing or trying to write multiple stories, just going for 50,000 words.

Now, just for fun, and because I have to write a few hundred words for a blog entry for my class, here's my 2 writing assignments for the day:

Observations at UVU Library

A woman drops off her husband at the new library building. For convenience she takes a handicapped spot and waves goodbye. I walk past them and find a seat in one of the many areas with a plaque pleading "this room needs a good name," providing Ali Johnson's phone number if you feel like adopting something different and Brad & Angelina got the one you had your eye on.

I sit at a table on the ground floor of the 5 story high "green" building, realizing that a library might not be the best place to observe others and their conversations. I am one of 19 students doing work we have to do here for some reason, instead of at home. More than half of us have laptops, there is one group of 4, three groups of 2, and the other nine of us stay involved in our own business, our own projects.

The group of four seem to enjoy themselves. It's interesting how enjoyment and general rowdiness tends to increase as the number of people in a group rises. But then, if I just burst out laughing or talking to myself I would break several basic rules of decorum, and I'd move from observer to observed.

A soldier in military fatigues has just left. He looked determined to go, whether that means he finished all his work here or has a pressing engagement somewhere else, I'll never know.

The talkative quartet has also just left, each dispersing in a differing direction. The only sounds in the room now come from the scant click click of fingers on laptop keys and a large tv in the corner telling us irrelevant information about Barack Obama's personal life and how incompetent George W. Bush is. He's out of the White House soon, I thought they'd stop beating the poor dead horse. But, the Media's gotta abuse something.

And now, I leave. Wondering for a second who, if anyone, marks my departure for longer than the time it takes for me to walk out the door.


My other assignment was to write about something I love and then a how to about it. Since it's preoccupying my mind and time, even though I'm hating it as much as I love it, I wrote about NaNoWriMo. Hope you enjoy. If not, fake it.


Writers throughout history have been asked "how to write." Their responses may vary in syntax, but it all boils down to one profound word: "WRITE."

November is National Novel Writing Month, where writers and wannabes endeavor to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Before starting, the only thing you need (besides a pen and a lot of paper) is an idea. Any idea. Then just write. Editing, making it interesting, making sense, that all comes later. Write until your hand bleeds and your head explodes. Then type. Or dictate. Just get words down, because you can't move on to editing or publishing or signing a three movie deal with New Line Cinema if you haven't finished writing.

So write. Write write write. After you write, congratulate yourself. And let your manuscript you've come to love and hate cool down. Go back to it in a few months. It will still be there. Now, rewrite it. But this time you're free to worry all you want. Because now you're revising, and the fun part is over.


Tracie said...

I love you baby. I don't know why but reading this made me miss you today.

You are such a fantastic writer. You know I know that you know this. Just keep at it! You're such an encouragement to me. :)

Brett said...

I love you too baby. Ha ha ha. Gotta love wives. I agree you are a good writer. I enjoyed your observations at the UVU library. I'll have to try it sometime, maybe my 45 words of this comment will be my contribution to NaNoWriMo.

JanB said...

I loved your observation. It makes me want to write about my observations at the restaurant where Jim and I had lunch today.

HailerStar said...

1. You can't sign a deal with New Line because well Warner Brothers ate them and slurped them into their 'In House' movie department. Yes, it doth bite.
2. Write what you love. If you love fantasy with humor in it then DO IT. You are GREAT at that and part of the point is enjoying what you're doing.
3. I'm not sure I'll even finish my NaNo. I had such high hopes for it this year but I've a few hundred words and we're already a third of the way through and the annual pnemonia/cough of death disease has found me again this November. Maybe I should go to my secondary plan of action and just coallate the seven different running stories Aimee and I are working on. *That's a mind numbing task in and of itself since most of them are crafted via Instant Messenger...the editing may kill me*
Much love to you.
Keep writing.

Heather said...

Both stories are hilarious. Loved the part about being the observer to being observed.

And I agree with the poor dead horse part. Enough already media people!