Feb 22, 2011

Remembering the little things

I've had a lovely day, and so, in effort to not just complain about all that is my life, I'd like to post on the serendipity that is my February 22.

For lunch today I was given pizza simply by knowing someone in another department. My car repair bill was a whopping $16. My old supervisor told me I'd be fired unless I ate an ice cream sandwich he gave me. (that's his sense of humor.) My teacher let me move my homework back a few days because I've been sick.

It's nice to have a good day, even if it's because of small and simple things. If nothing else, it's something to remember when the proverbial tornado of life inevitably sucks your metaphorical farmhouse into ruin.


Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) said...

I hate when my metaphorical structures are destroyed by proverbial natural disasters. Glad you have some things to smile about. You deserve it.

JanB said...

Thank heavens for those little things! I hope the happy day last for many, many more!

Mark said...

free pizza, free ice cream sandwich, cheap car repair bill - glad that Feb 22 was a good day for you, too (it was your Mother's and my first date, 36 years ago!)

Ammon said...

You deserve a good day every now and then! Glad to know things went smoothly for once. Try to remember this next time you're feeling blue.